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Victor Victrola Pagecontracted with The Radio Corporation of America to license the installation of RCA radios in some Victor-branded phonographs, creating true "home. RCA bought-out the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1929, which …. An Overview of the Phonographs of the Victor Talking Machine Company. The " VV-330 " model (and a few other high-end models) used a. The VV 9-15 was a premium radio/phono combination machine introduced in the fall of 1926. It featured an Orthophonic Soundbox, and "antique bronze" hardware. Its launch was concurrent with the reorganizing of the entire Victrola product line. The most common forgery is to attach a dataplate from a rare model (or to …. The VV 1-1 was the lowest-priced Victor phonograph produced during the mid-1920's. Wayne FULL HOUSE ESTATE SALE SUN @ 10AM - HATBORO!! $0. Paul can be reached via his website, The Victor-Victrola Page , which is a member of our Hall of Fame. My passion for the hobby, as well as my intent to inspire and support new collectors, remains as strong as ever. Like the 2-60, it came with a single spring. It was a slightly smaller version of Victor's Credenza, and was priced $65. The VV-125 was intended as a replacement for the discontinued VV-130, now offering a larger, more modern cabinet with hand-carved corner posts. RCA Victrola was a budget record label introduced by RCA Victor in the early 1960s to reissue classical recordings originally released on the RCA Victor "Red Seal" label. and Evolution of Victor Victrola Antique Phonographs">The Birth and Evolution of Victor Victrola Antique Phonographs. The Victor I's predecessors, the Victor Z and Victor R, were also positioned as low-end basic models in 1903; these were eventually phased-out of production, and by the summer of 1905, the Victor I was the sole remaining "starter" model. The following links will direct you to specific articles on the history of the Victor Talking Machine Company. 00 more than the VV-XVI 'flagship' model. Some dealers may have multiple addresses shown; an old advertisement or other means), please email us at paul@victor-victrola. 00, which equates to approximately $850. Victor Sales Network: State of Ohio. Meanwhile, Nate confronts his …. It was abandoned in a barn since the 1960s or something, longer than I've been alive, and the back panel was missing off of it. It featured an RCA-produced Radiola Model 28 radio (RCA's best set) and Victor's Electrola (electronically amplified) phonograph. RARITY: ¤¤ ¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤¤ The CD-60 was a larger verison of the single-turntable CD-20 model. How to Find Residential Information in the White Pages. The exchange rate in 1921 was approximately $1US=$1. Post by 52089 » Wed Dec 08, 2021 2:00 am. Vi ctors and Victrolas were available in a wide variety of different woods and finishes. These new models used conventional Arabic number designations rather than the previous Roman numerals, but they were essentially cosmetic variations of the same products that had …. When radio became the rage in 1924-1925, the Victor Talking Machine Company was caught totally unprepared, and sales of old-style phonographs tanked. RCA VICTOR TALKING MACHINE VICTROLA. It was considered to be an entry-level model with a black faux-hard-leather cover over a wood case. Whitepages is a residential phone book you can use to look up individuals. How many turns of the crank should be made? ANSWER: This depends on which model you have. This machine would have been placed on the dealer's countertop, and the. Pictures and details on some of the design features of External Horn Victor phonographs. Victrola (disambiguation). Like the 1-6, it came with a …. He went to a lot of trouble to see that I …. Please contact us by email with your needs, all emails get answered on a timely basis – Email us at victrola@triton. Each Victor phonograph is designed with a metal dataplate. It was essentially an acoustic phonograph (with components identical to the top-of-the-line Credenza. Do Victrola turntables ruin records? (2023). Victrolas went through a number of varying brake designs and soundboxes. If you know of an historical Victor Talking Machine dealer who is not shown in these listings (via a tag on your Victor phonograph, an old advertisement or other means), please email us at paul@victor-victrola. As a general rule: External Horn Victors were made between 1901 and 1920, although the vast majority of these were produced in the 1902-1913 timeframe. By the early 90’s we had already amassed a large inventory of …. 4 Soundbox and did not have an exponential horn; consequently the sound quality was not as good as with those models featuring more advanced acoustic designs. I started my business as a hobby, collecting and repairing my own machines, back in the early 80’s. Close this page to return to website. RARITY: ¤¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤ The Alhambra I was Victor's very first radio/phonograph combination set. Unlike the VV-210 and 215, the VV-220 did not sell particularly well. The VV-110 was simply a name update to Victor's long-running VV-XIV. An ELECTROLA is an electrically-powered (motorized) Victrola. Vintage Automatic Orthophonic Victrola No. Each sequential page covers one aspect of the evolving designs. Victor Sales Network: State of Alabama. These L-door style cabinets were given VTLA (shorthand for VicTroLA) serial numbers. The Victor 0 was introduced in August 1908 as a basic "entry-level" phonograph. Here is a good example of one of the rarest and most desirable machines that was ever produced by the Victor Talking Machine Company. 00, which equates to about $1,100. Meanwhile, Nate confronts his father about the drugs he. The VV 2-65 was not a Victor Talking Machine product, as it was introduced in 1931, a few years after RCA had purchased Victor and taken control of the company. 00 Identical to Victrola O-19 except covered in black or blue fabrikoid Storage for 10" records Introduced in May 1939 7" high, 12. 1927 Victor Victrola Motor From VV 2-30 Works With Crank Plate Other Parts READ. Reproduction Steel Phonograph Needles - Soft Tone For a softer sound to better hear the nuances of the recording. He was most famous for his recordings of Mozart and Beethoven, with at least eight of Mozart's concertos in his discography. Flat Top Mahogany Console W/Removable Slatted Record Storage Has Semi-Automatic Brake Spring Motor, Side Crank, Scroll Legs w/Pad. For a nominal fee, clients will receive a written valuation estimate and detailed information on the history, build date. RCA-Victor 78 RPM Portable Victrolas Models made after the merger of Victor and RCA Victrola 2-65 Covered in blue or red fabrikord Introduced in May 1931 $35. RARITY: ?? VALUE: ¤¤ The VV 5-30 was an unusual, low-priced floor-model Orthophonic phonograph produced solely for the Canadian market. The Victor E became the Victor II in 1903, although it is certain that "E" designated models continued to roll off the assembly line until 1905. With the help of free printable kids coloring pages, you can make learning more enjoyable for your children. TheRadioBarGuys From shop TheRadioBarGuys. Prices ranged from $300 to well over $1200 depending on finish and model. eastern CT > for sale by owner > antiques. 1947 RCA Victor Victrola 65U turned Humidor/Stash Box ad vertisement by TheRadioBarGuys. Dark Brown "Half-Round" Albums were provided for some automatic. Need parts? We have one of the largest inventories of original and reproduction parts in the world! Click here to see our catalogs of Replacement Parts or Contact Us. Features of a Victor Phonograph. Victor VV-XIV upright oak victrola, working. Antique Victor Victrola Gold Plated Needle Cup Original High End Phonograph. New Listing Antique Victor Victrola VV 260 Console Phonograph Good Long Motor Crank Arm. Retaining a crew with the necessary expertise required a stable income-stream from the business. Victrola Keys (provided in nickel and gold plating) Standard Victrola keys were included with most of the floor-model machines, with plating to match the hardware. After surviving the on-again/off-again nature of their new relationship, Serena and Dan finally acknowledge they are crazy about each other. These models, the VV-400, VV-405 and VV-410 were concurrently launched at a time when phonograph sales were slowing. 00, which equates to approximately $7,000. Victor was one of the most successful and high-growth companies in the country at that time. Victor, Victrola, Electrola and Orthophonic, are the brand names for phonographs made by the Victor Talking Machine of Camden, New Jersey. Note: The listings below are for HISTORICAL VICTOR DEALERS from the early years of the 20th Century. Also, if you live near one of these dealers, we would love to have some current pictures taken at the location. The first internal horn phonograph, originally selected as The Victor-Victrola, was marketed in 1906. 00 in today's money) it used an integral horn/tonearm system made of stamped tin, a basic single-spring motor, and a simple oak cabinet. Victor implemented an across-the-board change to their model designations (for most machines) during the spring of 1921, and the popular mid-range VV-XIV simply became the VV-110 at that time. Big Band, Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller, etc. Vintage Victor Victrola Phonograph VV IV Talking Machine Record Player. Considered the most famous of the Orthophonic Victrolas, it contains the longest. The Victor Talking Machine Company was founded in 1901. Its introduction in fall of 1922 was concurrent with the reorganizing of the entire Victrola product line. The VV 7-3 was a popular early "home entertainment center" pairing a Victor Orthophonic (acoustic) phonograph with an RCA Radiola 20, which was at the time was their best "TRF" (Tuned Radio Frequency) set. The Alhambra II used a two-spring turntable motor and a blended mahogany cabinet. Most likely, we can fix it for you! Victor Exhibition – NEW rear flange installed – add $16. RARITY: ? VALUE: ¤¤ The T-90 was an export model produced in Camden, but intended solely for the far-east market. It was similar to the American VV 1-90. Please read through the ABOUT RECORDS and GETTING. These new models used conventional …. See more ideas about antique radio, radio, phonograph. The 1909 Victor Victrola Phonograph Player VV-120 was a popular model from Victor Talking Machine Company. The demand for Victrolas in all price ranges was nothing short of incredible. On December 8, 1903, Johnson achieved a patents cross license together with Victor and Columbia as part of a settlement negotiation of other legal challenges to his patents. The TRF was a significant advance in home radio designs, and provided exceptional performance without the need to adjust. It is estimated that no more than 50 of each unique design variation (e. 00: Victor's Production Cost: Materials: $10. Since Victrola's humble beginnings over a century ago, their goal has been to marry the sophistication of yesterday with the technology of tomorrow. The VV-VI or Victrola the Sixth, was a very popular tabletop "Victrola" internal-horn phonograph; it was a 'step-up' model with a larger cabinet and more powerful motor than the entry-level VV-IV model. Some history: Victor-Victrola formerly provided an extensive phonograph repair, refurbishment and restoration service, beginning in the late 1990's. Repair, Parts & Accessories or Buy & Sell. For lidded Victrolas, the plate is located near the motorboard. For faster navigation, this Iframe is preloading the Wikiwand page for Victor, Victrola. I have dealt with George, and he was great. Radiomuseum 84056 Rottenburg an der Laaber. His inventory and expertise are second to none. The VE 9-54 was one of Victor's 'super-premium' sets from the late 1920's, and was one of the last machines that was designed and manufactured by Victor prior to their being bought-out by RCA. All other Victrola models (and post 1913 lidless machines) used a "round shank" crank design. All antique Victrola by Victor Talking Machine Company was created from 1901 to 1939, about 120 years ago. ORTHOPHONIC or LATE ELECTROLA PHONOGRAPH (internal horn or speaker) 1925-1929. Finding the Right musical-instruments for You Pay tribute to a history of rich and diverse musical traditions that have taken shape all over the world by decorating your home with a collection of antique and. Shipping is very expensive! Many buyers who intend to purchase a Victor or Victrola are surprised at the cost of packing and shipping. Precut Big Decal VICTROLA PHONOGRAPH Water Slide Decal for Cabinet RESTORATION (14) $. The Alvera was a basic floor model, with a 2-spring motor and choice of a mahogany or walnut finish. Listing update: March 22, 2021. The rudiments of the idea had. Woodbridge Ave Bitely Michigan 49309 (231) 745-7175. It was built and marketed in Japan, and is somewhat of a cross between the US-built non-Orthophonic VV 1-70 and the Orthophonic VV 1-90 models. It was introduced at the end of 1928. 00, which equates to more than $1,800. Victrola And Its Various Models">Victrola And Its Various Models. The VV-280 was considered to be an upscale machine, with gold-plated hardware, a two-spring motor, and a minimal amount of hand-carved trim. It was introduced in the fall of 1928 and production ran through the end of the year. JohnM Victor V Posts: 2960 Joined: Fri Jan 09, 2009 7:47 am. Over 100 years ago, the Victor Talking Machine Company introduced the American public to the magic of modern sound with its. The VV 8-36 was a large Orthophonic Victrola introduced in the spring of 1928. I purchased a portable "Victrola" electric phonograph (to play my vinyl records) from Kohls, Amazon or another retailer. Home radios had started to appear at retail dealers and were drawing away many Victrola customers. 95 and up Most other victrola reproducers $62. Victrola Victor Talking Machine Oak Case Record Player Model VV-IX-252347G. 00, which equates to almost $3,100. Unlike many of the Orthophonic machines, it also had a carved 'fretwork. While some victrolas are valued up to $1,000 or more, a buyer should seek the advice of. It was introduced in the spring of 1923, at a time when the sales of phonographs was on the decline. This page provides a general discussion on the topic of Vibro-Acoustics for those who have had little or no previous exposure to this field. The term Victrola thus applies ONLY to internal horn phonographs made by the Victor Talking Machine Company, and is not a general term for all old or antique phonographs. Emile Berliner, the inventor of the flat phonograph disc, designed and marketed an early version of this model as early as 1896. 64160 Antique Mahogany Victor Victrola Phonograph Record Player. VICTOR VICTROLA MOTOR***MOTOR REBUILT*** $120. Its introduction in the fall of 1911 was concurrent with the launch of a wide lineup of newly-designed machines which included models such as the VV-IV and VV-IX. ANSWER: A "Victor" is a phonograph with the horn mounted externally (below right). VICTROLA DISC PHONOGRAPH, "Credenza" model. The VV-370 matched the design of the console-style VV-410, but in an upright cabinet configuration. However, we recently witnessed a beautiful original early production floor model VV-XI in Golden. Rating: 8/10 One of my favorite 2020 shows was Hulu’s teen dramedy Love, Victor. Golden Oak was the most common oak finish for tabletop and floor Victrolas. These new models used conventional Arabic number designations rather than the previous Roman numerals, but they were essentially cosmetic variations of the. Victor Type M ("Monarch") The Victor M (advertised as the Monarch) was introduced in 1901 as a high-end, high-performance model, and sold new for $35. In the latter period of the 1890s, Johnson developed a new and superior method of building a disk master that is designed to press several copies of a gramophone disk. "Victrola" was the trademarked term for internal horn phonographs made by The Victor Talking Machine Company, and thus, there is no such thing as an "Edison Victrola", just like there is no such thing as a "Chevrolet Ford". Prices vary greatly, but some sellers can provide them at quite low prices if you are willing to buy in quantity. This finish was also available on the VV-XVII, VV-XVIII and VV-130 models. The 1919 edition of the Victrola Book of the Opera describes more than 110 operas, and is reproduced here as an interactive digital facsimile. The VE 10-50 was a revolutionary phonograph introduced early in 1927. Some original “yellow” ones available. You can find these antique victrola record players in antique shops or online stores like eBay. Fortunately, most Victor dealers were also selling radios at that time, which helped to offset some of their losses, but the factory had to write-off hundreds of thousands of dollars of depreciated inventory. For most non-lidded (open) Victrolas, the. An estimated total of 85,500 VV-90 models were produced. Machines made by Victor with external horns should be called Victor Talking Machines. NASA astronauts Reid Wiseman, Victor Glover, Christina Koch, and Canadian Spa. The Victor Victrola Page Nipperhead Antique Phonograph Site. Glossy Dark-Brown "Leatherette" Albums were introduced in 1925 for the Orthophonic Victrolas. Why Is Victor Frankenstein a Tragic Hero?. Vtg Victor Victrola VV 90 Phonograph Parts Good Motor Crank Arm Handle. The VV-VIII or Victrola the Eighth was a very popular tabletop phonograph; it was the lowest-priced Victrola model with a closeable lid. Victor-Victrola Talking Machine $ Add to Favorites 1:24 Scale (Half Scale) 1920s Victrola Record Player with cabinet doors and top open or closed for dollhouse or diarama (226) $ 11. This is the first truly low-cost internal horn tabletop model selling for $50. Victor Products – Victrola">How To Identify Victor Products – Victrola. RARITY: ¤¤¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤¤ The VE 11-50 was Victor's first attempt at a coin-operated phonograph, using their 'Second Generation' record changer (same as used in the VE 10-69 and others). It paired a Victor Orthophonic (acoustic) phonograph with an RCA Radiola 20, which was an older design, and lacked the improvements of the latest radios. Finding the Right musical-instruments for You Pay tribute to a history of rich and diverse musical traditions that have taken shape all over the world by decorating your home with a collection of antique and vintage musical …. It used the same design patterns on the cabinet, along with similar Queen Anne. Covers every production detail of the external horn, internal horn and Orthophonic phonographs and radio-phonograph combinations produced by Victor. Please check there if you do not see my …. 1915 RCA Victrola Victor Supremacy Full Page Newspaper Ad - Caruso, Sousa, Gluck. What should I do next? MACHINE VALUE OR APPRAISALS. Electric powered (VE) versions sold for $35. Around 1913, the " Schoolhouse " Model (V-XXV) used a Semi-Circular Speed Control Bezel design; however, this style was never used on standard. RARITY: ¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤ The VV 1-4 was a basic tabletop model without a lid. The VV-XVII or "Victrola the Seventeenth" was Victor's 'premium' phonograph listed in the company's 1916-1921 product catalogs. The 2-30 was a basic economy phonograph, using a wood case covered with black fabric. Testimonials – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs. The 12-15 was produced throughout 1928, but remained listed in the 1929 Victor catalogs. Victor Sales Network: State of Massachusetts. This include providing a unique …. Introduced in 1910 as a premium tabletop model, it soon transitioned into a fully enclosed floor phonograph that became Victor's #1 product during its 11-year production run. Edison Model C (2-minute) – Both rebuilt originals and reproductions available. The Victrola VV IX was Victor's top-of-the-line table model, fitted with a double-spring motor, a 12" turntable, a lid to cover the "works" when not in use, and doors to conceal the horn opening and control volume. 00, which equates to approximately $1,700. The albums are trimmed with a gold border, and the Victor logo appears on the front inside cover. American Canyon Antique Victor Victrola Phonograph VV-300 Record Player CABINET ONLY. Many different makes/styles available. The VE 9-18 was a premium radio/phono combination "home entertainment" center. 00, which equates to approximately $575. The MS initially featured a full-size cast-iron 12" turntable and a very. Phonofreak wrote:If there is a picture of the data plate and what's under the lid, will solve the mystery. The Victrola model, type of original soundbox that came with the phonograph (and thus the diameter of the tonearm), and horn type are indicated. Edison Amberola – These are not being reproduced Only rebuilt original units available. So Victor scrambled to provide its own …. Victrola Book of the Opera. Thanks to the White Pages, you can find numbers you need that are b. Make Learning Fun with These Free Printable Kids Coloring Pages. About Us – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs">About Us – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs. The VV-35 was Victor's second-generation 'suitcase-style' phonograph. eastern CT > antiques - by owner. Victor Victrola Needles - 100 SOFT VOLUME for Phonograph & Gramophones. The earliest Victors were available only in oak, but before long, a few models with mahogany cabinets were introduced. Shipping and freight costs have skyrocketed in the past few years; this is especially true after the recent pandemic. antique parts / repair Outling Talking Machine Victrola No 2 Victor reproducer + Opens in a new window or tab. The series follows the lives of the young, wealthy, and …. This image became one of the world's best known trademarks, the famous dog-and- gramophone pairing. Victrola, The Victor Talking Machine Company trademark for a brand of wind-up phonograph; Victrola, a generic name for wind-up phonographs; Titled expressive works "Victrola", a 1982 short story by Wright Morris "Victrola" (song), a song by Veruca Salt from their 1994 album American Thighs Other. It featured an RCA-produced Radiola Model 28 radio (RCA's best set) and Victor's Orthophonic phonograph with a medium-sized "folded" (re-entrant) horn. The Victor Victrola, the first phonograph to have its horn enclosed in a cabinet, began life on the drawing board as early as 1903. The White Pages is a great resource for finding residential information. Several variations of this design exist. The 9-18 was an update to the VE 9-16, and utilized the …. Aug 12, 2017 - Explore Brian Forist's board "Starr Phonograph, Etc. In 1911, with an eye on the average family budget, Victor introduced several new low-priced …. Musée Edison du Phonographe de Sainte Anne de Beaupre. A few examples of appraisal values forVICTROLA. Victor Type MS ("Monarch Special") Thus, the Victor MS (advertised as the Monarch Special) was introduced in 1902 as the company's latest high-performance model. Different models may have different layouts or component designs, but the overall function is the …. Victrola Tonearm Variations. This was listed in most of the Victor catalogs up until 1920. Great Lakes Antique Phonographs has one of the world’s largest inventories of original and reproduction phonograph parts and accessories. New Listing Vtg Victor Victrola VV 90 Phonograph 2 Spring Motor Mounting Screws Nuts Washers. ANSWER: Not all old phonographs are "Victrolas". These were used to lock both the lid and the record storage area. Look for the Dog: An Illustrated Guide to Victor Talking Machines, 1901-1929. Cabinet is in overall good condition and should clean up nicely. 00, which equates to more than $2,600. How to Use The White Pages. RCA Records is one of Sony Music's four flagship labels, alongside RCA's former long-time rival Columbia Records; also Arista Records, and Epic Records. Your start page is the first thing you see when. Some of the more deluxe models, such as the " Victor V " and " Victor VI" used a Round Speed Control Bezel, with a pointer to reference the desired speed. Even worse, the public perception of the Victrola brand, which had been so profitable and popular just a few years earlier, was becoming. It was a 'step down' from the elegant …. It featured a 2-spring motor, gold plated hardware, and a choice of a mahogany or walnut finish. His need to feel powerful and god-like led him to create the monster that eventually. The VV-XI or "Victrola the Eleventh" was Victor's top-selling machine of all time. As of 2014, mass produced victrolas in average condition are commonly valued at under $300. Only 12 surviving Auxetophones have currently been logged into the survival database. Contact Us – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs. This machine was Victor's 6th most successful product of all time, and provided exceptionally good sound quality for a small machine. See more ideas about phonograph, antiques, antique collection. When the Victrola debuted in 1906, wood veneers in light or dark shades of red mahogany became available. Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs, including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the evolution of the phonograph machines in general. 55 MB) Of the six Tchaikovsky symphonies, the Third seems to me the most ideal vehicle for Sir Thomas' talents. It was considered to be a step-up model from the basic VV 2-30, with a larger faux leather-covered case and gold-plated hardware. Regardless, these little machines can do a. Woodbridge Ave Bitely MI 49309. 48 EAST MONTGOMERY AVENUE FULL HOUSE ESTATE SALE SAT AND SUN 10AM …. We typically receive well over 140 questions or comments per day on this website from all over the world. Gossip Girl is a teen drama which premiered on September 19, 2007, in the United States on The CW. Most companies use an intranet to store data and share important news with employees. How to Zoom In and Out on a Web Page. A smaller version of the VV-XVI was also introduced, named Victrola the Fourteenth or VV-XIV ($150. 00, which equates to about $1,600. Victor Period Models "Jacobean" RARITY As with the standard Victrola models, Period Victrolas were produced in both hand-wound and electric (VE) versions. While the 107 is amongst the rarest of Victrolas and it is considered to. The Radiola 17 was an advanced 'TRF' (Tuned Radio …. Our first dedicated building was built in 1996 to house the bulk of the. Information on the various evolving cabinet and horn types, hardware, controls, etc. So to get back into the consumer market, Victor relied on a licensing agreement with RCA to design and produce radios for their radio/phonograph combination models. The VV-XIV or "Victrola the Fourteenth" was a popular Victrola model priced in the 'upper-middle' range. VV-X Tabletop Victrola (1910-1921) After the failure of the first tabletop Victrola (the VV-XII), the Victor Company decided to release an improved tabletop model in late 1910, …. Victor Sales Network: District of Washington DC. Celebrating over 26 years of Continuous Presence on the …. It should be remembered that the most expensive model of …. Browse Getty Images' premium collection of high-quality, authentic Victrola stock photos, royalty-free images, and pictures. RARITY: ¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤ The VV 1-2 was intended for use by children; it was a virtual clone of the low-price VV 1-1 Victrola with the exception of external decoration. Note: If you came to this page looking for a Victor Victrola for sale please check the listings in the internal horn category. The VV-330 was the premium 'hump-top' Victrola, introduced in the spring of 1922. On the leftmost plate above, who model is a "VV-XI" and the serial number is "836749 ". It typically has a yellow-gold color with a "tiger stripe" pattern. Victor's main plant was in Camden, New Jersey, but they also had plants in California, Virginia, Canada and Japan. Antique Victor 'Victrola' upright record player was made by. It includes plot synopses and lists of recordings the Victor Talking Machine Company offered in 1919. The original 1922 selling price of the 280 was $200. It was certainly one of most unusual and ungainly models that Victor ever produced. The original 1928 selling price of the 4-20 was $135. Victor Sales Network: State of Georgia. Get the most from your start page with one of these five favorites. OK, newsgroup you might want to bookmark is rec. This model was an upgrade of the popular VE 10-50, which. Accessing your Outlook email login page is a simple process that can be completed in just a few steps. Radio was the big seller that year, and Victor became increasingly desperate to launch some new products to spur sales. Steel needles should be used only once (one side of one record) to avoid excessive wear of the record, so it is likely that the needles you have found rolling around. Its introduction was concurrent with the reorganizing of the entire Victrola product line. How Do You Determine the Value of Old 78 Victor Records?. It came with a single spring motor and a Victrola "No. All 210's had nickel-plated hardware, a semi-automatic brake and a two-spring motor. In 1911, with an eye on the average family budget, Victor introduced several new low-priced models, the VV-IV, VV-VI, VV-VIII and VV-IX, with prices ranging from a remarkable $15. The VV 8-60 was a very unique model when introduced in the fall of 1926. The Radiola 18 was an advanced 'TRF' (Tuned Radio Frequency) set that required only a single knob for tuning, rather than the. One of the first electric phonographs! 1916-1921 Victrola by Victor Talking Machine Co, working beautifully. VTLA / VV XVI / VE-XVI / VV-XX Pooley Version ("VTLA" tag, flat lid): RARITY: ¤¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤¤ VTLA Version ("VTLA" tag, domed lid): RARITY: ¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤¤ VV-XX Version ("VTLA" tag, domed lid, fancy trim, diagonal grain patterns on front doors): RARITY: ¤¤¤¤ VALUE: ¤¤¤¤. ANSWER: Victor and Victrolas Victrolas were designed to use steel needles. 74 ("Pathétique") 33 rpm, Mono 1950 Vinyl LP RCA Victor / LM 1036. Even though the VV-VIII was a basic 'no-frills. ) have a limited warranty as described here. The VV 1-5 was a portable 'suitcase' phonograph introduced in the early summer of 1926, replacing the discontinued VV-35. Sometimes they stick a bit and might require some encouragement. Vintage Automatic Orthophonic Victrola No. The VV-XVIII or "Victrola the Eighteenth", was the short-lived 'super-premium' phonograph model in Victor's 1915-1916 product lineup. Many emails are simply submissions about Victor products, to be included in the collector database. Specifically, it's a Victor Victrola / Antique Record Player / Gramophone called Victor Gramophone Talking Machine Type V, Model 5 with a cool Wooden Horn. REPLACEMENT PARTS – Great Lakes Antique …. The Alhambra II was also identified in some of Victor catalogs as the VV 7-2, but this model designation has not been found on any surviving machines to date. The hopeful, heroic people you see above are the crew of NASA’s Artemis II mission. The sizes and styles varied, even within certain models over their production runs. Edison Motion Picture and Sound Recordings. It was introduced in the spring of 1923, at a time when the sales of phonographs was experiencing a significant decline. The Victor III was a very popular mid-range external horn phonograph in Victor's early product lineup. VV-215 Victrola & VV-S-215 "Radio Adaptable" Victrola). The VV-IX or Victrola the Ninth, was a very popular "Victrola"; it was the company's premiere tabletop model with a closable lid. Solidified lubricants in spring barrel or gears (most common problem) 3. RCA purchased The Victor Talking Machine Company; therefore it is technically an RCA model, but it was designed by Victor and utilized standard Victor Orthophonic components. You can search several different ways, depending on what information you have available to enter in the site’s search bar. 99; for a total manufacturing cost of $23. If you're just looking for a simple way to unify all your online profiles, these personal landing pages are a perfect fit. The Victor IV's predecessor, the Victor MS, was then slowly phased-out of production, and by 1905, the Victor III was the only model remaining in this price range. 00, which equates to approximately $1,550. Victor Sales Network: State of Maryland. The Victor E (initially advertised as the Monarch Junior) was introduced as a mid-level machine in 1902 (left), and sold new for $25. 1967 Vinyl LP RCA Victrola / VIC-1268 Symphony No. The years immediately prior to America's involvement in World War One were the most profitable in the history of the Victor Talking Machine Company. This catalog is a work in progress – cataloging our vast inventory is a tremendously …. An Introduction to Vibro-Acoustics. The Birth and Evolution of Victor Victrola Antique …. These demonstrator units were sold to Victor dealers for the purpose of allowing customers to audition records before making a purchase. How to Become an Astronaut. Vinyl recordings did not come unto use until 1948. 00, which equates to about $750. What’s It Worth?: mahogany chairs, Victor Talking Machine. Victor Period Models "Gothic" As with the standard Victrola models, Period Victrolas were produced in both hand-wound and electric (VE) versions. Victor Victrola 11 antique phonograph. The 105 was intended as a 'step-up' from the popular VV-100, offering a larger, more modern cabinet with hand-carved corner posts. Edison Diamond Disc – Available in gold, nickel, and antique bronze. The VV-35 was introduced in the fall of 1924, and sold moderately well for. Cancer Matters Perspectives from those who live it every day. The Victor Orthophonic Victrola, first demonstrated publicly in 1925, was the first consumer phonograph designed specifically to play electrically recorded phonograph records. The RCA Corporation bought Victor in late 1929, and they continued to use the Victor and Victrola names and logos on their. Vintage Rca Victor Living Stereo Console Tv Record Player Radio New Vista 1970 S. This Victrola featured an Orthophonic Soundbox along with a small exponential 're-entrant' horn which did enhance the bass response; consequently, it had a very acceptable sound quality, far better than most other portable machines. In fact, the 78 RPM phonograph records were a big part …. To determine the date of manufacture and rarity of your Victrola, simply scroll down on the list below and click on the model you are interested in …. Stands about 20" x 22" x 42" high. 4" soundbox, and did not feature Orthophonic reproduction. NEW 100 LOUD Toned VICTOR NEEDLES for …. Head to Victrola on 15th for your latte Don’t go there. If you're considering a career-change, maybe becoming an astronaut is for you. Electric-motor versions (VE 4-20) were available for $35. This new line of machines provided far better sound-quality than any of the earlier Victrola models, with superior frequency response, higher volume, and a far less "canned. The VV-100 was Victor's very popular 'mid-line' floor-model phonograph when introduced in early 1921. The phonograph featured a two-spring motor and a small "quasi-exponential" horn. Value Of A Vintage Rca Console Stereo Thriftyfun. Representation of a pressure wave movement through a constant diameter tube. Required fields are marked * Name * Email * Website Comment * Save my name, email, and website in this bro. Here's the ultimate resource for Victor Talking Machine collectors and hobbyists. Eaton tin is $20 Victors are $10 each and the 3 …. The VV 8-4 was a mid-range floor-model Orthophonic phonograph introduced in the summer of 1926. The VE 11-25 was Victor's first attempt at a coin-operated phonograph, using their 'Second Generation' record changer (same as used in the VE 10-35, VE 10-69 and others). Victor Sales Network: Territory of Hawaii. The following information will answer many of the questions we receive regarding the configuration, operation and repair/restoration of Victor and Victrola machines. Understanding Victor Brake Designs And Soundboxes – Victrola. As my knowledge grew, it made sense to share this information with others. It was considered to be a premium model when compared to the basic VV 1-6, with a larger black cloth-covered case and a marginally better sound quality. It featured an RCA-produced Radiola Model 28 radio (RCA's best set) and Victor's premium Orthophonic and. Advertising from the era refers to the 8-10 as "The Little Credenza". Even if her aren't interested in collecting phonographs, both simply want to dump an old Victor instead Victrola that you found in …. Most internal-horn Victrolas date from 1912-1928, since this was the time period when the highest volumes of machines were produced. Antique Oak Victor Victrola XIV Record Player with Cabinet and Records. “Victor, Victrola” (Season 1, Episode 7) This red double-bow headband goes well with the Constance Billard school uniform, but it makes much more of a statement. Introduced in 1910 as a premium tabletop model, it soon transitioned into a fully enclosed floor phonograph that became Victor's …. Eldridge Johnson, A Brief Background On The Founder Of Victor. The Victor-Victrola Page A Quick History of the Victor Phonograph The foundations for the Victor Talking Machine Company date back to the late 1880's, when a creative entrepreneur named Emile Berliner invented the mass-production flat phonograph record. Victor Sales Network: State of Colorado. It had no "doors" on the front to control the volume of playback. Its introduction in the summer of 1911 was concurrent with the launch of a wide lineup of newly-designed machines which included models. Victor Victrola Page">The Victor Victrola Page. This implies that most records manufactured after 1935 are going to be too new for use on your early machine. Not everyone has the time or inclination to build and maintain a full-fledged web site. The VV-120 was known for its high sound quality and was often viewed as a luxurious musical device. The current survival database shows the earliest existent Colony to be S/N 535 and the latest to be S/N 20460. It can be used to locate people, businesses, and services in your area. Chuck contemplates investing in a burlesque club in the hopes of making his hard-to-please father, Bart, proud of him. Does Victrola have good sound quality? Neither came close to the quality of the speakers featured in our best bookshelf speakers guide, but the Victrola had a much flatter response than the Crosley. There was no clear victor of the Battle of the Somme. The VV 1-35 (also known as the J1-35) was a tabletop phonograph produced by the Japanese Victor Corporation (JVC), which was a business partner with the USA-based Victor Talking Machine Company. 1960s rca victor victrola record player am fm console cabinet for in tujunga ca offerup model vmt33 l vintage stereo vht18w cincinnati oh 1960 s credenza chairish 65u radio phonograph combo reverb 3vf346 and sn art antiques collectibles retro online auctions proxibid 87 off 1940 antique tables 1942. The Victor VI was one of the best-performing machines that the company offered (a position shared with the less-expensive Victor V). CATALOG OF PHONOGRAPHS FOR SALE. Its introduction in the spring of 1911 was concurrent with the launch of a wide lineup of newly-designed machines, which included models such as the VV-X and VV-IX. Arm moves smoothly and turntable and handle both turn. PHONE (231) 519-1433 or 231-745-7175 EMAIL victrola@triton. Paul Edie talks about collecting antique Victor Victrola phonographs, including inside and outside horn models, the history of the company, and the …. c1910 VICTOR VICTROLA RECORD PLAYER TALKING MACHINE ADVERTISING PRINT AD Z2127. As a comparison, the VV-90 in the US was then selling for $125. The Alvara was manufactured and assembled by Victor's Montreal-based partner, The Victor Talking Machine Company of Canada. My model is an exhibition and is in pretty fair shape and it does play well. Not all makes and models are available in these pages. Get the Most Out of the Yellow Pages Free Directory. The only differences between these types are in the thickness (diameter) of the needle shank. antique victrola needles for sale. and has tag stamped VV-90 and 55712, possibly Model and Serial No. Time simply doesn't permit answering each question, particularly true when most of the questions being asked are already addressed on this website. We have temporarily suspended our 'Machines For Sale" section until we have had time to photograph and document our large new inventory. It featured Victor's 'First Generation' automatic changer that was introduced earlier that year on the VE 10-50 model. The more efficient (higher dB) horns will provide. 00 in today's money), making it the lowest cost internal model Victor. It was of the most basic design possible, using a single spring motor, a small stamped steel horn and a very basic oak cabinet. Please help us by contributing to this site. Discussions on Talking Machines & Accessories. In Mary Shelley’s novel “Frankenstein,” the comparison between Robert Walton and Victor Frankenstein revolves around their mutual sense of adventure and unquenchable desire for knowledge. We use ancient (almost Victrola-era) Microsoft Front Page 2003 (no longer supported, but that hasn't stopped us so far), because it functions just like Word and we don't have to learn any new code or software programs. When the old Victrola record players were first introduced, those turntables were some seriously cutting-edge tech. About Us – Great Lakes Antique Phonographs. Today, its ancestor, Victrola, continues to innovate in the sphere of music, community, and artistry with sleek and stylish machines that meet our modern standards of quality and compatibility. The name "Victrola" came from the early console phonographs first marketed by the Victor Talking Machine Company in 1906. The VV 1-90 was an Orthophonic tabletop model introduced in the spring of 1927. 00 in today's money), it featured a single-spring motor, an 8" turtable, a small painted horn,. Who Won the Battle of the Somme?. In this article, we’ll discuss how to use the White Pages to find residential information. The 1-1 replaced the long-running VV-IV model, which was being discontinued at that time. ***** Orthophonic Victrola Credenza: The Victor Victrola (part of Lynn Bilton's "Antique Phonograph, Gramophone and Talking Machine Identifications Guides" site) TDS 1 Toronto Daily Star, Thursday, December 17, 1925, page 37. Nipper (1884 - September 1895), also known as the RCA Victor dog, was a dog (believed to be a terrier mix) from Bristol, England, who served as the model for a 1898 painting by British painter Francis Barraud titled His Master's Voice. This feature was first adopted in late 1905. The VE 10-70 was a high-end automatic phonograph introduced in the fall of 1927, allowing the user to play up to 12 records without the need to manually intervene. Please note that post-1930 RCA-Victor branded products are also not covered here, as they were produced after the RCA Corporation bought Victor Talking Machine Company. It was intended as an introductory model for budget-minded buyers, and featured a small 7-inch turntable and single spring motor with a basic oak cabinet (left). It is best to add pictures and. There were considerable variations in colors and textures of this finish; some lean towards a yellow color, and others toward a brown, tan, or reddish hue. Victor Jr Posts: 18 Joined: Tue Jul 16, 2019 8:19 pm. victrola record player antique for sale. The Victor R (called the Royal in the advertising literature) was introduced in 1902, at a time when Victor's product line was improving and expanding very rapidly. Booklet has very light rippling, faint water damage - see pics. The first Victrolas were large floor-model machines (such as the " VTLA " or " VV-XVI") which used a Round Speed Control Bezel design. Do you own a Victrola Auxetphone? Please take a moment and enter some basic information about your machine into the collector's database by clicking here. Victor had previously attempted to penetrate the high-end phonograph market as far back as 1908 with the introduction of the rather gaudy VV-XX models. ANSWER: If you wish to buy a Victor or Victrola, there are several sources that can considered. Hundreds of other phonograph companies were around throughout the 20th Century, with different brand names such as Columbia, Edison, Sonora, etc. "Victor, Victrola" is the seventh episode of the television series Gossip Girl. Some forms may use "Type" or "Style" from the model identifier. The Victor-Victrola Page Catalog of Phonographs For Sale Listing Update: February 8, 2022 Please read the "How to Order" section regarding a purchase! We are happy to provide references upon request. There certainly are some rare Victor and Victrola examples out there with unusual finishes or custom cabinets; some can sell for upwards of $20,000, but those machines are very few and far between. The vast majority of Victor and Victrola models operate very similarly, although different layouts, designs and motor configurations will be found, based on the. The T-90 was an Orthophonic tabletop model, featuring mahogany veneer, a basic single-spring motor, and a miniature folded Orthophonic horn. An estimated total of 34,000 Victrola 4-20's were produced. Wh y don't you respond to my email inquiries? ANSWER: With over 180 emails arriving daily, we are only able to respond to 10-12 each day. 00, and approximately 1,000 of these machines were produced. Victor Sales Network: State of North Carolina. 00, which equates to about $1,350. From the earliest models to the new Orthophonic Victrolas, there were at least four iterations of …. For a brief oversight on some of the CAPEHART phonograph product lines, follow these links:. Our recommendations below are based on our experiences in. Victor Sales Network: State of Illinois. Victor Period Models "Chippendale" As with the standard Victrola models, Period Victrolas were produced in both hand-wound and electric (VE) versions. The VV-111 was the modernized replacement for Victor's "flagship" phonograph models, the VV-XVI and the short-lived VV-120. The Victor Victrola Page">The Victor Victrola Page. Based on factory documentation, a total of approximately 24,000 Victrola 220 machines were produced. Victor announces the Victrola IX early in the year. The Victor Junior was introduced in 1906 as the company's least expensive-product. I have a Victor or Victrola Model "XYZ" in great shape. Antique Victor Victrola Tungs-Tone Stylus Needle Tins Camden NJ Needles Nipper. Edison National Historic Site Home Page. It was essentially a basic home entertainment system stuffed …. Victrola VTA-75-ESP Liberty 5-in-1 Turntable Music EntertainmentCenter with Bluetooth Wireless FM Radio USB Recorder Wood (Espresso) $9999. The VV-90 (and many similar low-cost Victrola models. We restored over 300 Victors and Victrolas for many customers, including major muesums and international collectors, for over 15 years. Antique vintage Victrola gramophone (victor talking machine) Working well If you see the Ad, it’s available. Today, its ancestor, Victrola, …. Antique Victor Victrola Phonograph Talking Machine with Tin Horn. N ote: The following phonograph shows and auctions are scheduled for the upcoming year. George is a fantastic resource for all kinds of Victrola parts, cabinets, etcand he does first-class repairs. These models, the VV-350, VV-360 and VV-370 were concurrently launched at a time when phonograph sales were approaching an all-time low. How To Identify Victor Products – Victrola. Victor contracted with RCA to provide the radios for these consoles. Per Robert Baumbach's Victor Data Book, factory records show that only 662 XIIIs were produced. These were available in 18" and 23" inch diameters, and added up to $8. A slot was provided in the lid to store a few records. Great Lakes Antique Phonograph. Victor-Victrola Phonograph Model Number: VV-100 Serial Number: 33099 Based on the Model Number and Serial Number, my research tells me it is from 1921. It featured a large 10" turntable and a powerful 2-spring motor, placing its performance far above the other early products in the 1901. Then release the brake so that the turntable spins freely. Information on those "Victrola" decals under the lid. In addition, the extreme care required in. List of Gossip Girl episodes. Although sales for Victrolas and other Victor Talking Machine products were strong in the early 1920s, by the middle of the …. The VE 9-40 represented a minor upgrade to the earlier Borgia II model. Advance to the next page via the link above or at the bottom of each page. As for painting it my first guess would be to go to a hardware store and get a can of that brown Rustoleum primer & go for it, but my Victrola is not in the greatest of shape. The Borgia I was one of two "high end" radio/phono combinations introduced by Victor in early 1926. Victor Talking Machine for sale. While similar to the Z and R models, the Victor I had a slightly larger cabinet and turntable. Wayne Mechanical Music Extravaganza April 2021. Victor Frankenstein is a tragic hero because he is a gifted scientist who succumbs to personal flaws like hubris and arrogance, which lead to his undoing. Victor implemented an 'across-the-board' change to the model designations (for most machines) during the spring of 1921, replacing the previous Roman Numerals with Arabic numbers, so the venerable VV-XVI simply became the VV-120 at that time. 00, which equates to over $3,000. Get Started Writing with a Blank Writing Page. Antique RCA Victor Victrola Radio/Record Player Cabinet, 46" high. The Yellow Pages free directory is an invaluable resource for businesses and individuals looking to find local services and products. It featured a larger cabinet than the VV-VIII model, and also offered the choice of a mahogany or oak veneer finish. This catalog is a work in progress – cataloging our vast inventory is a tremendously time-consuming process, but we are striving to create a comprehensive online catalog that is easy to use. The presence of an "E" on the dataplate indicates that the machine was intended for export, usually to South and Central American countries. Item of the Week: Victrola. 00 to the cost of the phonograph. Its debut was concurrent with the reorganizing of the entire Victrola product line. By the early 1920s, the novelty of phonographs was fading. It was sometimes denoted as the VE 9-3 in the catalogs, but all dataplates are marked "Borgia I". This configuration had been introduced in 1905 on the deluxe external-horn. I welcome any feedback! Thank you!. The Type B was actually produced several years before The Victor Talking Machine Company was founded. 1923 Working Victrola Antique Record Player Victor Talking Machine. The original 1922 selling price was $100. Victrola 3 Pack Turntable Replacement Needles for Record Players. FREE shipping Add to Favorites Brahms Piano Concerto 2 Chicago Symphony Orchestra Fritz Reiner Emil Gilels RCA …. During its 13 year production run, it became Victor's #3 top-selling model. Le Mussée Virtuel de la Radio et du Phonographe. "VV" stands with Victor-Victrola. I am looking for an appraisal for a victrola Vic. 100 LOUD Tone Needles ~ Victor Victrola & Talking Machine & Antique Phonograph. 2023 Phonograph Events, Shows and Auctions Listing. If your Victrola has a speed indicator, then you must remove the indicator needle before pulling the motor. Model types with slightly different features are grouped together (e. As with the standard Victrola models, Period Victrolas were produced in both hand-wound and electric (VE) versions. A detailed timeline of events at Victor, along with key world headlines of the day. The VV-IV or "Victrola the Fourth" was Victor's first economical internal-horn tabletop "Victrola" model. This include providing a unique serial number for the majority of their phonographs. The VV-360 was one of three short-lived "Art Case" upright Victrolas that were introduced in the fall of 1924, just in time for the Christmas selling season. Victor Sales Network: State of Kentucky. Victrola jack-knife style hinges Specify style – A or B & right or left hand side These were used on all latter VV’. Emails are usually best as I’m in-between the two shops/warehouses many days. This phonograph was little understood until the late 1990's, when. Welcome! This website is dedicated to antique phonographs made by The Victor Talking Machine Company from 1901 through 1929. The label has released multiple genres of music, including pop, classical, rock, hip hop, afrobeat, electronic, R&B, blues. Both are products of the Victor Talking Machine Company. This is particularly true of the three middle movements, and how fortunate are we that these are played without cuts!. A true (pre-1929) Victor or Victrola will play ONLY 78 RPM shellac records that were originally designed for this type of machine. Meanwhile, soundboxes came in 5 various iterations starting from the period of 1906 until 1925 when Victor released its. The 11-25 was an automatic acoustic phonograph, using a large Orthophonic horn, similar to that used on VV 8-9 and other home models. Introduced in 1910 as a moderately-priced tabletop model, it soon transitioned into an open-legged floor model, and finally to a fully enclosed floor phonograph that remained a top-seller for many years. To prove this hypothesis, some data was taken on a recently restored Victrola XI with a #2 soundbox. Electric powered (VE) versions sold for $30. This was due to the fact that the very large round horn provided a much less constricted and direct acoustic path than did any of the later-vintage internal-horn Victrola models; not until the Orthophonic machines.