Hitman Holla Vs Calicoe Hitman Holla Vs CalicoeKSI VS Adam Saleh Spar has Been CANCELLED! : r/ksi. Calicoe: Lux threw on a suit, and. I’m kind of a noob at watching battle rap. He gasses out quick and the crowd start to pick up on how poor his bars are. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:URL Summer Madness was stock card filled with MC Battles with some of. Wavy · Loaded Lux Vs Charlie Clips · Calicoe Vs T-Rex · DNA Vs. CALICOE VS HITMAN HOLLA | FULL BATTLE MAXOUT 2 RBE. URL: Ultimate Rap Murda Mook & Calicoe vs. A peaceful outing at gas station turned in a one sided brawl when Hitman Holla caught Byron Blake lacking after the Calicoe battle. Hitman vs Calicoe battle on MAXOUT 2 and it is a grudge match between Midwest kings. Yung Ill along with Aye Verb and Hitman Holla got their first break when Lionz Den's Founder Loaded Lux booked them for "St Louis vs New York". These two MC's leave all in the ring during this fast paced battle. Get personalized recommendations, and learn where to watch across hundreds of streaming providers. [Aye] Verb vs Hitman [Holla] is a great one. Ultimate Rap League: When, where, who is battling for the crown. December 25, 2016] U DUBB. Hitman Holla One of the first Smack battles to be featured on YouTube, the clash between New Jersey's Arsonal and St. The event brought out celebrities and music legeneds such as P. Tsu surf vs calicoe full battle. You brought a casket with you? Either you had dyin' in your plans. We promote, talk and live the Culture of Battle Rap. Hit the notification 🔔 for all future content. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:Smack/ URL is known for putting together some of …. RBE Presents: Cassidy vs Hitman Holla. URL: Ultimate Rap Nu Jerzey Twork vs. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseHItman Holla vs Ill Will RBE Max Out 3 Face-offsCope that RBE Max Out 3 PPV - https://www. EAZY THE BLOCK CAPTAIN VS CALICOE Go The F@%K OFF. Check out Rum Nitty Vs NXT (Will's Way 2. Been thinking of some matches I want to see down the line, whether that be in a small room or eventually a big room once it's safe to have events…. Angel Olsen listen before i go. YUNG ILL VS ILL WILL (FEB 16TH). r/GoatStatus • Joe Budden Talks Hitman Holla Hollow Da Don & Calicoe announced for URL NOME Impact on June 10th in Atlanta. Study Calicoe's history and realize that he has quite a spectrum of battles on the Summer Madness stage. #Smok3KingSTV #BattleRap #MAXOUT2 ILL Will VS Jag, Hitman Holla VS Calicoe Live Reaction#GetYaBarzUp #TheWordSportBattleGroundz #Smok3RoyaltyJoin The discord. Twork Vs Geechi- Huge disappointment. Brizz Rawsteen Hollow Da Don vs. SMACK/ URL recently held "Summer Madness 2"; their marquee event for the second year in a row. tv battleappearances from juicezilla, kp and big t. And maybe I'm coping, but I still think Day vs Lux will happen, so I went with Lux vs Rum. But perhaps Calicoe’s greatest achievement is that there is a faction of fans that think he beat Loaded Lux in their Summer. PT on @peacockTV in the US, @WWENetwork everywhere else and across WWE social platforms!. [Conceited] Aite look, he said he wanted a big battle Comin' at conceited is somethin' you shouldn't go to Its ironic you say people in the Lou smell you And nobody here knows you, he's only known. Find ratings and reviews for the newest movie and TV shows. Which Fatal Fame game is your most favorite and the scariest. Hitman Holla vs Calicoe 1st Round Bar 4 Bar Reaction. Smack/ URL & Street Status present The Mid West Massacre. Somebody about to get killed, Smack. We are not a battle League but for the love of the Culture we promote the Culture. The Super Bowl of The MC Battle culture returns!!! Summer Muadness 4 ( SM4), SMACK/ URL has put together an action packed weekend of MC battles that are sure. (76:00) Chrome 23 announces Hitman Holla vs Eazy The Block Captain (90:00) Battles dropping on Youtube Discussion (106:00) Bad Newz & Snake Eyez Recap illmac breaks down his writing structure for Rum Nitty. Hitman Holla for their upcoming Max Out 2 battle event. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:HOLLOW DA DON VS TAY ROC SUN SEPT 10 WWW. Pass Announced for BullPen's Dope in the Pen. Potter on drill beats, Potter on rap beats. 0:00 / 52:00 HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE RAP BATTLE - RBE Rare Breed Ent 428K subscribers 37K 2. They sayin' Cassidy let Calicoe hear his rounds for you. EAZY THE BLOCK CAPTAIN SNAPPED ZERO F@&K$ GIVEN vs HITMAN HOLLA. Lux vs Calicoe Surf vs Hitman (I like this one) John John vs hitman (watch the white looking fella in front) Hitman vs Aye Verb (to learn about how to talk to your kids) Battles I like Surf and Hitman B Magic vs. Thousands attended to see the worlds best battle MC's go against one …. If you have any links you’d like to share feel free to post them. Long awaited rap battle between Newark's Tsu Surf and St. Ward(19:00) Hitman Holla vs ill WIll(23:00) Geechi Gotti vs Coffee COTY/WOTY 2021(25:00) Rum Nity vs Jaz The …. Hollow Da Don, was a clash of styles. #Chrome23 #HitmanVSEazy #RemyMaThe Biggest Battle of 2023 is HERE! The battle that has EVERYONE talking! Remy Ma Presents Chrome 23 "The Anniversary Card"Hit. summer madness xiii roundtable :tay roc, hollow, dna, ave, t-top , john john, suge jerry wess |urltv. Tickets and PPV for the event are available at rarebreedent. The Worlds Largest and Most Respected MC Battle League SMACK/ URL drops another highly anticipated match up between two of their most talented MC's. NYC Dot Mob is usually an agressive antagonist/bad guy of battle rap. smack/ url's summer madness is the super bowl of mc battling. Ayy, Hitman, let me holla at you. Already got my other half, I’ll clear this fuckin. Joe Budden Talks Hitman Holla vs Eazy The Block Captain Rap Battle. Intro Music : 0 to 100 Intrumental - https://www. Hitman Holla Vs Calicoe Gladiator School: Sep 23, 2014 Hitman Holla & Calicoe HEATED Argument on Instagram Live: May 6, 2020 CALICOE THINKS HIS FRIENDSHIP WI. ly/RBEYouTubeSubRBE continues to release some of the best RAP BATTLES and B. Original lyrics of Hitman Holla Vs. What are the most Iconic URL battles? : r/rapbattles. Read that as Holla vs Mook better fit imo Would love to …. Hitman/Geechi, Arsonal/Mook and Cal/Eazy are SM battles to me. CALICOE vs HITMAN HOLLA with ARP & KNOWLEDGE. Charlie Clips Lyrics, Songs, and Albums. [Round 1: Calicoe] Lux, you are a grown man. I've been wondering about the previous beef between K Shine and DNA which led them to a battle and now Math Hoffa and Hollow's, any idea about their …. dna vs fan | urltv (summer madness xiii 8/27 2pm est) url. SMACK / URL Presents HITMAN HOLLA vs ARSONAL. This event was held in NY on August 7th, 2011 The Card Aye Verb vs Charlie Clips Conceited vs T Rex Hitman Holla vs Hollow Da Don Math Hoffa vs…. Travis Hunter and Henry Blackburn CSU safety that hurt him go bowling @sports. Hitman Holla Vs Calicoe (Full Battle HD) Maccey Bluez. Hitman vs JJDD and surf vs big t and hollow are all classics. JOHN JOHN DA DON VS REED DOLLAZ #rapbattles #battlerap #battlerapculture #battlerapmedia #battleraphighlights #tiktok #fypシ #battlerspbars #URL. Known as the Gun Bar King, Tay Roc’s. Battle Rap News; Shop; Shopping cart. HITMAN HOLLA VS TAY ROC SMACK RAP BATTLE. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseHitman Holla min after his battle vs Ill Will recaps everything that went down in their RBE Max out 3 Battle. He is a college basketball super star, successful battle rapper, entrepreneur and most importantly a wonderful father to his son, Geremiah. This looks likely to be eclipsed soon by the Tsu Surf vs. Goodz Ultimate Madness Finals Build your card friends!! I’m interested where you take this. the world's #1 fan of battlerap!!! give this video a thumbs up!! subscribe & follow!eazy the block captain vs calicoe smack/urltv #summermadness12 rap battle. #hitmanholla #calicoe #rbe #battlerapHIT THE LIKE BUTTON AND SUBSCRIBE TO THE CHANNEL 👍🏾. Rap Battle : Hitman Holla vs Bill Collector. GRAND PRIX GIVES HIS PREDICTIONS ON THE SMACK/URL CARD TWITTER@GRANDPRIXMUSIC JAZ OVER MS HUSTLE SWAVE OVER DAYLYT ILL WILL OVER TAY ROCK JC OVER JJDD SERIUS JONES OVER MATH HOFFA K-SHINE OVER ARSONAL T-REX OVER CALICOE O-RED OVER BIG T. Hitman Holla Speaks On Upcoming Battles Against Tsu Surf, Calicoe. Calicoe (born Toranio Hightower) is a Detroit, Michigan based battle rapper from the Brightmoor neighborhood known for his aggressive attitude and competitive nature during battles. So far, you got Hitman Holla vs. Tay Roc I know they got it in but it was a loooooong time ago and at first I had thought Suge won but on a recent re-watch Roc got it Bigg K vs. Watch this rap battle and explore …. Hollow Da Don [FULL BATTLE] Posted 27th January TSU SURF, CALICOE, HITMAN HOLLA, O RED Classic. He’s too advanced and you’d be having to explain every other bar. Hitman Holla (born Harold Vincent ButterSnaps on March 29, 1988) is a battle rapper and Bloods gang member out of St. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS SM7 HITMAN HOLLLA VS TAY ROC UPCOMING EVENTS: SMACK VOL 3 (PAY PER VI. Fit/Pristavia Ave vs A-Ward Tsu Surf vs Bangz NJT Vs RNB (3 round rematch) Anderson Burris vs Mike P Hitman Holla vs Geechi Tay …. Each member comes to battle with a Mob member from outside of battle rap as a …. Grind Time Battle: DNA vs Loe Pesci. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:URL Summer Madness was stock card filled with MC Battles with some …. CALICOE vs HITMAN HOLLA MAXOUT2 VOD OUT …. Chess · Hollow Da Don Vs Goodz · John John Da Don Vs Mr. Ward | #2 Hitman Holla vs ill WIll | #3 Goodz vs. CASSIDY VS HITMAN HOLLA EPIC RAP BATTLE. Or you have an excessive amount of time on your hands. HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE (MAX OUT 2 JULY 10TH) Pay-Per-View; Battle Rap. 343k members in the rapbattles community. SMACK/ URL PRESENTS HITMAN HOLLA VS CONCEITED. com/maxout2Subscribe to RBE YouTubehttp://bit. Arcane vs Dizaster-affected it extremely for obvious reasons Bender/Pesci vs Crugeurgh-started the DF vs KOTD feud Dialect vs Daylyt-really seemed to have more of an after effect next to Day vs Pesci Lux vs Calicoe-I dob't think an explanation is needed Big T vs Hollow Da Don- Hollow's URL debut and a body showing Hollow is nothing to mess with Hitman …. Calicoe Eazy the Block Captain vs. Conclusion: This battle comes down to a lot of things: bars, delivery, believability, performance, crowd control, etc. Let a man with hits Holla at you ". RBE: Rare Breed En Charlie Clips vs. com/channel/UCXFMP7OFwGVwm3BM7NmdoNA/joinBattle Rap Content, Music, and Streetwear - https://www. Geechi didn’t leave earth either really but was good enough to get the 3-0 body. maxout2 face offs: hitman holla vs calicoe live july 10th on ppv r/WWEGames • The Royal Rumble winner Finn Balor has sent a message to the WH Champ Edge WrestleMania is 3 weeks away what is next for this rivalry. I’ll put him way in the whole, I in debt homie. RBE continues to release some of the best RAP BATTLES and Battle Rap Content within the hiphop culture. MAX OUT 3 - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION THREAD. SMACK/ URL Presents Midwest Miles vs Tech-9. Charlie Clips Hollow Da Don vs. SMACK/ URL The leader of the MC Battle culture drops another battle from their recent "Any Given Sunday" event. url summer madness xiii faceoff trailer (8/26 2pm est) url. RBE vs URL 26:13 - Calicoe vs Eazy the Block Captain 32:24 - Gun Titles Talk 37:41 - Cassidy vs Freeway 48:53 - The Riot Came Bearing Gifts card 1:16:50 - Battle …. I feel like the card should be: Surf vs. HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE (MAX OUT 2 JULY 10TH) r/MobileLegendsGame • Just an average Silvana user. Yung Ill Lyrics, Songs, and Albums. Watch CALICOE VS HITMAN HOLLA | FULL BATTLE from MAXOUT 2, RBE. Tsu Surf vs Calicoe- Calicoe is like T-Rex to me, in the sense that they're. tv presents hitman holla, calico the day before the url. Calicoe currently sitting at 5 million and released 5 years ago. Calicoe Voting closed r/silenthill • Prediction: No Matter How Good Silent Hill 2 Remake is, the Entire Silent Hill Fandom Will Be in a State of Chaos When it …. 344k members in the rapbattles community. Surf IS URL, he’s been around since the beginning, has classics, has battled basically all of the top tiers, he was mentioned in every single battle of the last event and didn’t even fucking battle, he’s one of the best rappers. Got mod permission to make a new thread to get an updated complete list of classic battles. Calicoe returns to the URL stage. Listen to EP 235 - RBE VS URL | Hitman Holla Contestants Announced | THE RIOT PREDICTIONS | Calicoe Vs Eazy and 680 more episodes by Black Compass Media, free! No signup or install needed. From the Max Out 2 battle event. He is the son of Blackface, a member of the …. Calicoe vs Brizz Rawsteen (feat. Pass Announced for BullPen's Dope in the Pen Event. LOUIS'S HITMAN HOLLA AND NEWARK. Verb was snappin on some different shit, obviously the Big Gerald moment is probably the most iconic moment ever (i forget that this was actually before Calicoe and Lux) but I thought the Mortal Kombat code bar was crazy; the way he ended the second round was my favorite part of this battle. Hitman Holla battle on SMACK/URL which is only 88,000 views behind and was released over two years more recently or the Tsu Surf + Tay Roc. Chess · Conceited Vs Tsu Surf · John John Da Don Vs Mr. Battle Rap: Hitman vs Tsu Surf fightSMACK White,Beasley,Timbo,3Letterman,ANGRYFAN007,Angryfan RadioTwitter Beef: Hitman vs Tsu Surf fightHitman vs Tsu Surf f. best battle rappers : r/rapbattles. Calicoe is presented by Rare Breed Entertainment. Okay we talk shyt about entertaining cards/cards being ass took my shot at making a card for a hypothetical next URL event Shotgun Suge vs. CHARLIE CLIPS SPEAKS ON CASSIDY, CALICOE, AND HITMAN VS CALICOE. This is a high paced lyrical Battle that is sure to entertain. SUBSCRIBE to URL Rap Battles in 2019!SUBSCRIBE to RAP LEAGUE ⇩http://bit. Thank you for watching please hit that like,subscribe and that notification bell 🏾🤟🏾to be updated everytime I post a video https://www. So apparently URL is trying to host an event at MSG with Surf vs Mook having already been booked as a battle. The event will take place on July 10th. {Remy Ma throws the quarter in the air and Hitman Holla catches it} [Round 1: Hitman Holla] Ignore the fee. he flipped the whole punchline url. SMACK/ URL The Worlds Most respected MC Battle Arena drops another classic MC Battle from their Summer Madness 2 event. By Hardcore Flava | August 15, 2021. This page was generated at 1 minute ago. Brizz Rawsteen is an American battle rapper from Raleigh, North Carolina. Surf/Goodz and Roc/T-Top are definitely a go. On paper these opponents are evenly matched and have faced the same opponents (Arsonal & Goodz). This is kinda a grudge match … kinda a brothers’ quarrel … kinda a Midwest massacre reloaded. If he kills you in the 1st he has the momentum to take the battle. after summer madness 6, has hitman holla moved up in the ranks. URL 2016 MSG Card : r/rapbattles. ward vs ill will (12:40) 40 barrs says the new generation of Females cant hold it down (26:00) Casey Jay Diss Yoshi G (36:30) Swamp Says Hitman would Die in a Small Room. With scheduled battles against both Calicoe and Tsu Surf in the coming weeks, Hitman Holla called in to AngryFans Radio to speak about his . Watch free full rap battles online from URL, KOTD, RBE, iBattle, WeGoHardTV and plenty of others. Hitman Holla Vs Eazy TBC Feb 25 Announced. These two emcees are fan favorites who always. com/user/HipHopIsrealuniverseCalicoe in Atlanta opens about a series of battle rap topics!!!Calicoe, the insider with all the exclusive d. SMACK/ URL PRESENTS SERIUS JONES VS CHARLIE CLIPS. When I performed hit after hitman ". By now the Battle Rap community has heard that John John Da Don and Hollow Da Don got into a physical altercation over the weekend on Sunday, December 15th, at the UW face-off event between Loaded Lux and Hollow Da Don. KC [Sinister] v Chiller is one of my favorite ones. There's been some really good battles out there. The main event of the night was Cassidy vs. On this episode, Mado talks about Hitman Holla vs Calicoe on RBE, Nome 11 card, and much more. URL PRESENTS HITMAN HOLLA vs ARSONAL. com/MAXOUT2JULY 10TH MAX OUT 2 TICKETS & LIVE PAY PER VIEW AT RAREBREEDENT. Charlie Clips vs Serius Jones Loaded Lux vs Calicoe DNA vs E-Ness T-Rex vs Aye Verb Hitman Holla vs John John Da Don. Tay Roc (6-21-2014) Charlie Clips vs. Let a young nigga shine, sit your old ass down. Yet he chooses to patrol the streets with 20 niggas to beat up 1 dude, this dude is on of the faces of battle rap, and he not reppin it well. Let’s talk about it ! https://stopbeingdirty. This matchup is between St Louis's Hitman Holla and Brook. g Holla 2-1(1st n 3rd) Whoever gets most predictions right wins all the money. SMACK/ URL PRESENTS HITMAN HOLLA VS JOHN JOHN DA DON. Both artists have succeeded far beyond the typical battle rapper’s scope. SMACK/ URL Presents Hitman Holla vs Hollow Da Don. Honorable mentions Pat Stay, Geechi Gotti, Chess, Calioce. HITMAN HOLLA RECAP HIS BATTLE VS CALICOE, AS THINGS GET. r/SquaredCircle • [NXT on Twitter] BREAKING NEWS:@RidgeWWE will battle @TreyBaxterWWE on the #NXTTakeOver 36 Pre-Show this Sunday at 7:30 p. Who is the Lord of NOME? : rapbattles. yeah yeah i know it's more than halfway through january i've been busy but 329 responses later here's the results BATTLER OF…. HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE (MAX OUT 2 JULY 10TH). Hitman Holla battle fight Max Out video, is revealed after the Philadelphia rapper scores a surprising victory against Ball Game. Hollow vs Lux- Hollow's got freestyle ability and Lux is gonna have to come really hard. Hitman Holla Vs Calicoe (Full Battle HD). Mistah FAB Announced for BullPen's Dope in the Pen. a battle rap media platform powered By Ben Swayze, FatBoy Maine, Coco Bread Fred, Dutch KIB, and Big Lo We try to entertain by providing light-hearted humor intertwined with fresh insight and great analysis on important topics & events relevant to the culture. Out now!#HitmanHolla #HouseParty #NcredibleOfficial music video by Hitman Holla performing "House Party" (Official Video). The event went smoothly as B Magic and Daylyt, Hitman Holla and O-Red completed their face-offs, but during the Tsu Surf vs. Follow @versetracker Hitman Holla vs. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Press Copyright Contact us Creators. He is most known for his battle with Loaded Lux in which he was on the receiving end of the phrase "You gonna get this work". Just started watched battles again after 4 year break. Big T (Battle Rapper) Conceited vs Jesse James Yung Ill vs Calicoe Hitman vs Big T Midwest Miles vs Aye Verb* *Headliner “Midwest Massacre” Q&A. France gives his picks and thoughts on all 23 battles over the action-packed weekend of RBE & The Riot(2:30) RX vs QB)(4:30) Showoff vs Head Ice(7:00) Goodz vs Calicoe(10:30) Yung ill vs Bigg K(13:30) Aye verb …. Hitman a sucka for real, he on tv with nick cannon and famous niggas. I'd go with 1st round from Bigg K vs. So lets get some submissions in. {Verse 1: Calicoe} Either they with me or they fear me There's snakes in the grass, I can see 'em clearly Only thing I hate more than fake niggas near me Is talking to a nigga that don't wanna hear me So keep your mind on the right shit Stay on your grind, stop thinking about what you might get They try to treat me like the Detroit Mike Vick But cops out …. About Press Copyright Contact us Press Copyright Contact us. URLtv lyrics - Find all lyrics for songs such as Tay Roc Vs. Comment and share your favourite lyrics. KOTD Championship Battle: Dizaster vs PoRich. RBE: Rare Breed Entertainment presents: Hitman Holla vs. Battle rapper Calicoe also came to battle rap's defense and clowned those who thought their checks couldn't measure up to mainstream rhymers . 👉🎥🔗 Calicoe vs Hitman Holla from MAXOUT 2. your top 5 favorite battles of all time. Math Hoffa Says Calicoe Is Scared Of A Rematch, Hitman Holla Is Overrated And Talks Pac Juice! Thread starter moneyel; Start date Mar 10, 2014; 1; 2; Next. This subreddit is dedicated to helping smaller video creators get their footing on Youtube…. Hitman Holla vs Tsu Surf Fight : Is It Beef or Broccoli?. Listen to RBE MAXOUT 3 Predictions & The Riot CBG2 Predictions (COTY VS WOTY) from Let's Talk Battle Rap Podcast. com/watch?v=rCq5M10zSDEThis is an epic clash with two of the most prolific battlers in. Shoutout to Remy and ARP for giving us the battles we wanna see within our lifetime smh. This battle was hot but was nothing like the way Lux did Calicoe. Hitman tried to stunt on Cal, while Cal was talking to Hitman. SPONSORED VIDEO : Mac Hard "Toasta" https://youtu. Dem boys been rocking almost 10 years now, good to see how. Cassidy vs hitman holla full battle (rap battle) +16. I notice people posting different matchups they’d like to see, so I thought it would be interesting to see folks’ dream event cards. CALICOE VS HITMAN HOLLA | FULL BATTLE - Watch Bootleg Rap Battles. This is a fast paced, entertaining. (4:00) Murda Mook & Calicoe vs NJ Twork & T-Top(17:30) Hitman Says he was offered Brizz Rawsteen before Cassidy. Real Deal Vs Young Kannon Lyrics. Original lyrics of Tsu Surf Vs T-Top song by URLtv. [Round 1: Hollow Da Don] I said I came to this spot to cook you, watch dawg get it Did I spill something? That means I'ma wipe the floor wit 'em Nigga, we gon' set some rules Even though these. JOHN JOHN DA DON RECAPS HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE BATTLE RIGHT BEFORE 郎 GOES LEFT OUTSIDE MAX OUT 2. Also who is the KING of the MIDWEST. T-Rex and Dutch Brown recruited the likes of Tay ROC(Baltimore, MD), Real Deal(Pittsburgh, PA), and Daylyt(Watts ,CA). If you a Hitman go Holla at whoever fucked ya mouth up nigga. Hitman Holla & John John Da Don) Loaded Lux vs. Read or print original Shotgun Suge Vs Mike P lyrics 2023 updated! [Round 1: Mike P] / I'm losing it / I'm not happy / Depression. This event was… interesting to say the least. Mistah FAB Announced for BullPen's Dope in the …. SMACK/ URL Presents K-SHINE vs ShotGun Suge. John John Da Don Lyrics: Before I prove why I'm way better, I figured I could help ya / This the round I mold and groom / You hear that? / I ain't even rhymed yet / And I'm. “Nah let’s take that back, he say I’m over the. Hitman Holla vs Ill Will - Aye Verb vs A. HITMAN HOLLA VS CONCEITED ANNOUNCEMENT. He currently has 44 battles catalogued, which total 83,067,451 views. I doubt anything from summer madness 2 is gonna top that either from what I hear. IMDb is the world's most popular and authoritative source for movie, TV and celebrity content. Valheim Genshin Impact Minecraft Pokimane Halo Infinite Call of Duty: Warzone Path of Exile Hollow Knight: Silksong Escape from Tarkov …. Battle rap beef : rapbattles. ly/RBEYouTubeSubFollow the Movement:InstaGram - @itsarp. E vs Showoff - QB Black Diamond vs RX - * . HITMAN VS CASSIDY GETS OUT OF CONTROL TEMPORARILYThe worlds most respected Battle Rap and Independent Artist media …. Discuss the latest battles, news and PPVs from URL, KOTD, Don't Flop and more. Do you have any other recommendations? Yung Ill vs Rich Dolarz Yung Ill vs Calicoe I would recommend bill collector and since you like hitman, try to watch that battle and go from there if you like him enough. T-Rex (rescheduled from the Armageddon event last December) Big T vs. URL PRESENTS ARSONAL VS CALICOE (FULL BATTLE))">SMACK/ URL PRESENTS ARSONAL VS CALICOE (FULL BATTLE)). Blood, been in the making for years) Nu Jerzey Twork vs. Tsu Surf vs Calicoe presented by UDubb Network. 6K Qleen Paper vs Jus Juice JC vs Jay GE vs Calicoe (vaulted) Hitman Holla vs Aye Verb “King Of The Arch” Q&A. Tay Roc (real name: Donte Richardson) is an American battle rapper from Baltimore, Maryland. These two lyrical wordsmith's have a verbal …. Hitman Holla & John John Da Don (8-10-2019) #67. Courtesy:Calicoe vs O-Redhttps://www. To see more of the worlds biggest MC Battles log on to WWW. He and Hitman Holla combined for a classic in their RBE battle. Probably Arsonal vs Shotty or some shit like that. Mistah FAB Announced for BullPen's Dope in the Pen Event KOTD - Blackout 8 - Day 1 & Day 2 VOD Trailers. Hitman Holla: This was a really big deal for me and for everyone in the Battle Rap culture. Soul Khan v Deacon Frost (the white-on-black crime bodybag, volume 1) Charron v Shotgun Suge (the white-on-black crime bodybag, volume 2) Dirt v Deastro Dollar (the style killer bodybag) Dirt v Mr. To see more on The MC Battle culture log on to WWW. The event will take place on September 2nd in Atlanta, Georgia. THE WORLD'S #1 FAN OF BATTLERAP!!! GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP!! SUBSCRIBE & FOLLOW!EAZY THE BLOCK CAPTAIN VS HITMAN HOLLA CHROME 23 ANNIVERSARY CARD RAP BAT. His style might not be for you but he’s had great moments in each battle. Real Sikh (Battle for the New King of Jersey) 40 Barz vs Clips B-Dot vs Calicoe First Lady Flames/Coffee vs Mz. Ward - Yung Ill vs Bigg K - Calicoe vs Goodz - Head I. Fuck if he tellin' the truth, lil' bro gon. Im gonna make this a game and have one of you guys guess which battles I watch the most based off some fire bars. SMACK/ URL PRESENTS ARSONAL VS CALICOE (FULL BATTLE)) Ultimate Rap League. Battle Events; Rap Battles; All Videos; Leagues; Rappers; News. com/piperboywilliamThis is a new channel. I know I said I could’ve got personal but I chose not. CALICOE VS HITMAN HOLLA FULL BATTLE. Hitman Holla versus Eazy The Block Captain. HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE RAP BATTLE - RBE. Arsonal vs Math Hoffa (9-15-2012) #16. It just seemed like he wasn’t motivated enough. A fully Reloaded Hitman Holla vs a supremely motivated K Shine. louis's hitman holla and newark. ly/Sub2UltimateRapLeagueSMACK/URL PRESENTS:HITMAN HOLLA vs CORTEZ. DRE DENNIS & BANDIT MONTANA vs DON MARINO & Z THE DROPOUT. WE ACCEPT ALL DONATIONS - https://www. Iron Solomon vs Rum Nitty Hollow Da Don vs. T-Rex, Calicoe, K-Shine, and Goodz, arguably beating. Hollow Da Don Notable Bars: “I Brewed her / I Boozed her / You woulda thought the Bulls was playing / I mean, I ain’t Know her / But when that D-Rose. [Video] Hitman Holla & his Goons jump man at Gas Station after Calicoe Battle @hiphop. Let’s be honest Surf should be more motivated and should win considering he got 30’d in his own state in the first battle. SMACK / URL Presents HITMAN HOLLA vs ARSONAL. MACKK MYRON VS E NESS FACEOFF – RBE. The Tradition Continues!!!! Smack/ URL dose it again with another Christmas Classic between Brooklyn New York's Conceited and Newark, New Jersey's Tsu Surf. Aye Verb and Hitman were like a team. r/subnautica • [No spoiler] True story. [Round 2: Nu Jerzey Twork] I said yo! This nigga said if I wanna know if I'm Tech 9's favorite, I should ask him myself Then ya man behind you gassed it Until I grab the strap off the shelf Baow. Carter vs chedda cheese for making battle rap fun. SHOTGUN SUGE VS T TOP SMACK/ URL RAP BATTLE. Drawing every character in the vessel squad: Day 90 Prism. Calicoe | Best Individual Performances of the . If he does what he did for his 3rd against Cal, He can only do it for 1 round otherwise it'll be like Diz vs Arcane. Eazy The Block Captain Lyrics, Songs, and Albums. Calicoe Vs Math Hoffa Lyrics Calicoe Vs T-Rex Lyrics Cassidy Vs Goodz Lyrics Charlie Clips Vs Hollow Da Don Lyrics Charlie Clips Vs Ill Will Lyrics. Lyrics, Meaning & Videos: DAYLYT VS KING LOS RAP BATTLE - RBE, CASSIDY VS HITMAN HOLLA INTENSE FACEOFF - RBE, HITMAN HOLLA VS CALICOE RAP BATTLE - RBE, ILL WILL VS A WARD RAP BATTLE - RBE, HITMAN HOLLA VS BILL COLLECTOR CLASSIC RAP BATTLE - RBE, ROSENBERG. Read or print original Big T Vs. @flowtherapper: Tsu Surf Vs Calicoe | Tay Roc VS NUJERZEY TWORK Who Won? #TSUSURF #NUJERZEYTWORK #BATTLERAP #FLOWTHERAPPER #RTAMM #tsusurf, #nujerzeytwork, #battlerap, #flowtherapper, #rtamm. His material lacked that electricity only Twork can accomplish. Yo dumb ass is a example of the shit be saying. Arsonal vs Illmaculate (6-9-2012) #15. Your most watched battle? : r/rapbattles. Where Do I start? : r/rapbattles. These are two of URL's top comepetitors and they brought a high level of lyrical ability and over all skill making this match up an instant classic. These two MC's have been wanting to Battle each other in The Worlds Most Respected MC Battle Arena for some tim. com/watch?v=XRRns4SbHiABig T vs O-Redhttps://www. His family is heavily involved in his battle rap career. Check out Hip Hop Slime Apple Ne…. No shirt Jakkboy was different! 🔥🔥🔥 | URLTV. This is kinda a grudge match … kinda a brothers' quarrel . RBE Presents Max Out 2 July 10th (1 PM EST) - Hitman Holla vs Calicoe. Eazy The Block Captain (ROOM SHAKER) #url #hitmanholla #shorts I upload da rawest shorts like n sub ykwtfgo 🔥going up 🔝 💸💸💸💸💸💸💸- [. Gladiator SchoolHosted by Snoop Dogg & MookT Rex vs Rum NittyYoung B vs B MagicHitman Holla vs CalicoeJohn John Da Don vs ArsonalE Hart vs O'fficialMs Murk v. [Round 2: Hitman Holla] They call Hitman when they want a nigga dead, just some shit Holla do You got a lot of fuckin loses, I guess losing don't bother you I know he mad, the whole east coast know I'm bad, y’all saw the footage I'm like a stripper, I came here to show my ass. No matter how of them fabricated lines he 'bout to say. CLOSURE (MAY 4TH IN ATLANTA)TICKETS AND PAY PER VIEW http://www. If you can just survive, you do what Surf and Eazy did. Hitman Holla Vs Calicoe Who Won The Grudge Match??. So earlier I was like, "Where Cass' at?" n***as called my phone like, "Holla. Aye Verbs vs Hitman Big T and Calicoe would never face off but what about Calicoe Vs. subscribe & follow!eazy the block captain vs hitman holla chrome 23 anniversary card rap bat THE WORLD'S #1 FAN OF BATTLERAP!!! GIVE THIS VIDEO A THUMBS UP!!. Wait, wait, Calicoe said he aired Roc out, he done dribblin', mane Well I got the gauge to pump Roc back up I'm here to finish the game Shout to Juelz 'cause I fuck with your bars Arsonal Vs Hitman Holla. I mean I said it, Lux is better than DNA. If we talk about URL, the league had given platforms to many aspiring artistes. this shit still has me crackin up ! : r/rapbattles.