Cci Velocitor Vs Mini Mag

Cci Velocitor Vs Mini MagMuzzle velocities will exceed 1,000 fps from a 2-inch barrel, 1,200 fps from a 4-inch barrel, and nearly. Tight groups resulted from Federal Hunter Match, American Eagle, Browning BPR, Aguila Supermaximum and Eley High-Velocity Hollow. 22 WMR from a short barrel revolver like the Ruger LCRx? Let's find out. CCI Stinger cannot be safely fired in many firearms as the case is 0. 32 CCI Stinger, 1032, 76 ; 36 CCI Mini Mag HP, 1090, 95 ; 37 Winchester Super-X HP, 996, 81 ; 38 Federal HP, 937, 74 ; 38 Fiocchi PHP, 1022, 88 . I recently bought the cci “mini mags” , what does mini mag. It could be an issue of SAAMI max/min cartridges & SAAMI max/min chambers. No experienceyet with Velocitors. She carries the CCI Velocitor because did some ballistics gel testing with her LCR. I tested 5-rounds of each ammo …. It uses an easy handling, copper-plated, round-nosed bullet. CCI Ammunition CCI Standard Velocity 22 Long Rifle Ammo 40 Grain Lead Round Nose. Remove from Compare Add to Compare. While researching I carried CCI Mini Mag HP. CCI's Mini Mag Still Going Strong After 60 Years; Law and Order in Ancient Rome - How did it work? FULL DOCUMENTARY; S & W Model 686. CCI Mini Mag/Velocitor Velocity Test. I agree that the Velocitor is the best choice for SD. 22 LR ballistic gel test shoot: 40 grain CCi Mini Mags vs. how much jump or contact the bullets are making with the bore. 95 3h 15m + 574498822 250 Rounds CCI Velocitor. CCI 22LR Velocitor 40gr GDHP/50 Mfg# 47 $ 9. I've got some hares to shoot that I used to use a 22mag on. 22 WMR from my 3" Ruger LCRx into 10% Clear Ballistics gel. The CCI Mini-Mag is a standard size bullet (40 grain) at a higher-than-standard velocity of 1235 FPS. I ran 500 rounds through it and its two mags today. 22 Long Rifle 40gr Velocitor Copper Plated HP Ammunition 50rds - 0047. In our tests, even with the small jump in barrel length between the S&W snubby and the Ruger Mark IV, there was significant improvement in bullet performance in the gel. In a different shooting location (the barn) I regularly take birds, squirrels, groundhog at 75-100 yards with the Anschutz. 22LR 40gr CPHP ammo from GunMag Warehouse. 22 Long Rifle 36 Grain Copper Plated Hollow Point Rimfire Ammunition, 100, HP (9) $18. The Mini-Mag is the 40 gr solid at 1235 fps. The slightly lighter Mini-Mag is faster and less expensive. Although I did not bench my firearms and shoot any groups, the numbers suggest that the Winchester load’s greater consistency would yield slightly better groups. CCI SV is far, far more accurate than minimags for more precision shooting. In a manner similar to the Viper, the Velocitor. Vortex Viper 1x24 mm 6 MOA Red Dot Sight (117) $199. CCI Mini-Mag 40 gr Segmented Hollow Point. 22 Long Rifle Bullet Type: Plated Hollow Point. I don't think the standard taper barrels …. 22 LR 40g Copper Plated Hollow Points. bullett shape is noticably different, though I believe. 5000rds – 22 LR CCI Velocitor 40gr. Caliber: 22LR; Bullet Weight: 40-grains; Advertised Muzzle Velocity: 1,435-fps; Bullet Style: Copper Plated Hollow Point; Ballistic Coefficient:. 22lr rounds when it come to target destruction. 13/Round Best Rated CCI Ammunition Pest Control Shotshell. CCI Ammunition 22 Long Rifle Ammo Including Mini-Mag, Stinger, Blazer, AR Tactical, Velocitor, Quiet-22, and More! — 25 products / 30 models — Page 1 Shop for CCI Ammunition 22 Long Rifle Ammo and get some of the best Ammo on the market for pest control, small game hunting, plinking, and recreational target shooting. Mini Mag HP: 36gr HP Muzzle Velocity: 1260 fps Velocity Rating: High Velocity Muzzle Energy: 127 ft. 22 Long Rifle 40 Grain Copper. 22 LR at 7 yards 21 feet the distance most shootings happen at. This clean-burning ammo is perfect for plinking, target practice, small game hunting, and just about everything else you. We bought this hollow point for $5. CCI Mini-Mag Varmint 36-Grain CPHP Results. 32 ) 500 Round Brick - CCI 22 WMR 30 Grain V-Max Polymer Tip 2200 FPS Ammo - 0073. The Stinger feels much more powerful in hand, at. com">CCI 22LR Velocitor 40gr GDHP/50 Mfg# 47. CCI Velocitors for sale on GunBroker. 22 LR High Velocity Copper Plated Solid Point 0030. CCI Mini-mag Accuracy Very respectable accuracy numbers, 100% reliability in our semi-autos, and. CCI 22LR MINI MAG 36GR HV CCI 22WMR MAXI MAG HP+V 30GR . The Velocitor may be the best all-around. Cci Mini Mag Vs Standard Velocity 22lr Ammo Test. Mais s’il veut un vrai adversaire, il pourrait avoir un nouveau match à la WWE. Quite accurate from 5 different 22 firearms, has a velocity over 1200 fps from my Keltec p17, Taurus TX22, Walter p22 - the ruger sr22 did not like it and was abysmally accurate with it, but it cycled all! My two cents. The proven CCI MINI-MAG loads remain . The Eley Force is far better the mini mags in my weapons, but are also far more costly. They are accurate, they go through small game without destruction of meat, they expand and cause damage …. CCI Mini-Mag vs Standard Velocity: Ruger 10/22. The Rimfire Report: The Ultra Hot CCI Stinger In Ballistic. 9-inch barrel and a Ruger Mark IV semi-auto with a 4. At 75 the arthritis in my hands has more or less forced me to avoid the recoil I'd larger calibers. The Velocitor had better penetration. They're 200 fps faster than 22 Long Rifle high-velocity loads of the same bullet . Cci Mini Mag Vs Standard Velocity 22lr Ammo Test">Cci Mini Mag Vs Standard Velocity 22lr Ammo Test. CCI 40-grain Velocitor hollow point. It’s a favorite in the gopher squad for …. I feel a solid is better to reach vitals, since 22 is underpowered for self defense. CCI Mini Mag/Velocitor Velocity Test DocTacDad 81. Should I pay more for Mini Mags?. Deuxième Heure de Smackdown! Smackdown. Above: Recovered bullets from left to right; the Winchester hollow point, CCI Mini-Mag, Aguila Super Maximum, and the CCI Stinger. 22 LR – 40 gr CPRN – CCI Mini-Mag (0030) – 1000 Rounds. The CCI MINI-MAG HP is a high-velocity 22 long rifle cartridge with a 36-grain copper-plated hollow point bullet moving at 1260 fps at the muzzle. CCI’s new MeatEater ammunition features their proven Copper-22 loads which have been extensively used in both the MiniMag and MaxiMag loadings of rimfire ammunition. The first 5 shots of the 22LR Sub Sonic ammunition produced a very noticeable lack of recoil and sound compared to the 22LR MINI-MAG HP's. the punch has more velocity at 100 yards than the Mini Mag , a flatter trajectory but less energy the mini mag has the same energy at 200 yards that the punch had at 100 but with a 3 inch flatter trajectory might the punch get you more hits , do you need 100 yard hits or is 25 yards plenty in which case the punch has more energy and velocity. Drop small game targets and enjoy hard-hitting accuracy with CCI Velocitor. Comparing CCI Mini Mags (1235 fps) vs CCI Standard Velocity (1070 fps) as which will yield the best grouping out of a Henry Lever Action. 22 LR 40 Grain Rimfire Ammo has earned a reputation over the last 50 years of being highly reliable rimfire ammo that feeds and cycles smoothly in semi-auto rifles and pistols, as well as all types of firearm actions. As for her ammo, we stick with CCI; it seems the shooting community almost universally holds CCI in high regard. Recently I conducted a head-to-head accuracy-test between CCI, Federal, and Aguila 22LR. 1 Reply Save 1 - 7 of 7 Posts Steve in IN Lifetime Premium · #2 · Oct 20, 2006 Quality Control. We put up CCI Stingers, Velocitors and Mini-Mags. August 09, 2021 By Terry Wieland. The uninitiated won’t be frightened or pained by the recoil and the lack of recoil allows for lightning fast follow-up shots, if needed. Velocity – Box listed @ 1,435 fps. Such a thin casing enables a rimfire primer, which is struck through the brass by the firing pin. The 5 Best Rimfire Loads for Hunting Coyotes. And averaged the results of 3 sets of tests and rotated each ammo type to average out the effects of barrel heating barrel. They are much more consistent than the Stingers and velocitors in my 10/22. Campfire I'm hoping to try some new CCI Mini-mag Segmented HPs as well. First of all you would expect the velocity numbers to be off because they test out of a rifle and I’m shooting these out of a pistol. No icon name was supplied or your browser does not support SVG. Mini-Mag to Stinger, high-performance rounds stocked at Allcocks Outdoors. These guns are perfect for target practice and firearm instruction. When compared directly to Federal Punch, CCI Velocitors underperform in the velocity department at about 200-fps slower on average. The 22 LR is a tiny round at only 1” long. From handguns and rifles it is equivalent to CCI Stinger, not mini mag - and yes, its worth having. CCI Mini-Mag 36-Grain Copper Plated HP. CCI's tight quality control during manufacturing eliminates any variables that cause inconsistencies, resulting in highly reliable rimfire ammo, with excellent accuracy. It will a produce a line graph showing the bullet drop and flight path of the bullet. 22 LR loads on the market, rated at a blazing, 1,640 fps from a long-barrel rifle, or a much-more-modest 1,090 fps (Mach. 5000 Round Case Features and Specifications: Manufacturer Number: 0047 Caliber:. 22LR CCI VELOCITOR x 50 Quick View. This 40 grain high-velocity copper-plated round nose CCI Mini-Mag ammo is the go-to round for anyone who wants accuracy and reliability out of their. Why do Mini Mags seem to be so much more popular than Velocitor? On paper, it just don't jive. Aguila SSS: 596 vs 577 CCI Velocitor: 795 vs 767 CCI mini-mag 40gr solid: 752 vs 723. 22 LR ammo for velocity in hunting – CCI Stinger 32gr Copper-Plated Hollow Point. com/rimfire/cci/velocitor_hp/6-47. As mentioned above the average muzzle velocity is about 1200fps and it's a fairly flat shooting projectile. We come now to a cartridge whose name is a contradiction in terms. CCI Ammunition Maxi-Mag Best Rated Maxi-Mag. More importantly, it feeds and functions beautifully in every pistol the author has tried, including his Beretta Model 71, which is his backup car gun. They have also perfected the first hypervelocity. Vortex Diamondback Tactical 6-24x50mm 30mm Tube First Focal Plane Rifle Scope (115) Coupon Available. 22plinkster on YouTube all the time and I've seen a few comparison videos of the stinger vs standard. Click to expand agree 100%, plus they are harder on the rifles action. 11 Rounds CCI 40 grain Velocitor copper plated Hollowpoint @1435 fps fired from my LCP II. The Velocitor load also mushroomed, …. Mag 3 (dry): Rounds 1 & 2 FTE and Rd 10 did NOT lock slide. Now, I realize that the velocitors are LR, (am I . Per CCI's website, the velocity generated by a Stinger vs the Mini-Mag HP: At muzzle - 1640 ft/sec vs 1260 ft/sec; At 50 yards - 1292 ft/sec vs . Not in stock - preorder possible! Sale 12%. Shop was out of mini mags (well, almost out, I bought the last box) but they had Stingers and Velocitors. Anyways I shot a mix of Browning( rebranded Winchester), Rem Golden, Aguila Super extra HV, Blazer, CCI SV, Mini Mags, Federal Match, Fiocchi TT sport. 22 LR: Application Defines This Rimfire Rumble; The. CCI Mini-Mag ammo is that standard when it comes to. In that test, surprisingly (to me) CCI-Mags 36gr HP (Hollow-Point) came in last place with the loosest groups. Added velocity extends range of. no one is going to want to get shot with either at. With the 36 gr HP’s it will shoot 10 rds with. CCI 22LR Stingers for coyote ?. The next contestant to challenge the Punch is the CCI Mini-Mag! Did it get the job done? Testing using the Ruger 10/22 Charger. After recording velocity averages from firing X number of rounds, the 22 magnums did edge out the stingers in most cases. Yellow Jackets were my choice back in college in a 4" M17 - it was deadly on various critters out to near 100 yards, how much was the bullet used vs placement, I cannot say. 22LR ammunition is more accurate at 50yrds? Every gun is different. The size of the pistol also plays an important role. CCI Mini-Mags Hollow Point vs Round Nose vs. This load is well known for the high velocity it delivers. The spread increased to 92 feet per second with the Ruger and 99 feet per second with the Browning. Shooting a lot of Stinger ammo is where we learned how the stingers foul the barrels. The Velocitor had the best penetration results results in her LCR. cci stinger vs velocitor: compact handgun vs carbine. ago It is implying that it is a higher velocity round. CPRN Mini-Mag: Winchester 40 gr. CCI Velocitor 40-Grain CPHP Results. 22 LR can be used for self-defense with the proper ammo with a focus on shot placement to the Head Neck Torso with multiple shots into the target. CCI didn’t take any liberties when they named this 22 LR cartridge the “Velocitor” -- it has a muzzle velocity of 1,435 fps, and it does so with its caliber’s full-weight 40 grain projectile! That’ll give you the flat trajectory you need to pick off a distant. 5 Best Rimfire Loads for Self. The CCI Stinger load runs at about. 22LR 36GR Copper-Plate HP 100Rds CCI Part Code 31. cci stinger vs velocitor: compact handgun vs carbine ">cci stinger vs velocitor: compact handgun vs carbine. Which CCI round for SD in short barrel handgun???. CCI 36 Grain Mini-Mag ammunition is one of the most popular 22 Long Rifle rounds ever produced. CCI Mini Mag Velocity Ammunition LR. In a human, upper torso, you need about 10 to 15 inches of bullet penetration, with a minimum of nine inches, according to the FBI, and with 12 to 13 …. CCI Velocitor -VS- Mini Mags 36gr HP Jump to Latest Follow 34144 Views 65 Replies 48 Participants Last post by ericr , Jun 24, 2016 M Mohave-Tec Discussion starter 431 posts · Joined 2009 #1 · Jun 1, 2016 (Edited) Why do Mini Mags seem to be so …. I believe this is why CCI claims velocitor can. Twenty 22 Rimfire Loads Go Head to Head at the Range. The Velocitors are 40grain with 1435FPS and the . comparison between CCI Mini Mags & CCI Stingers, first shot is a Mini Mag followed by a Stinger and so on. Testing out some hyper velocity in the Taurus TX 22. Mini-Mags are some good ammo and just about any 22 will cycle them including the Sig Mosquito which is quite picky on what it functions with. Control – 0 Failures; Freshwater – 2 Failures to Eject, 1 failure to fire* Saltwater – 1 Squib, 1 failure to fire; Swimming Pool Water – 2 Failures to Eject, 1 Squib *This round was rechambered and fired on the second strike. But they didn’t test the 40gr version of the mini-mag, so we can’t compare those directly. 4-inch barrel yielded a velocity increase of 126 fps over the 1. The Mini-Mag is on the left and the Blazer on the right. The Velocitor is the best all around 22 bullet for mankind. I didn’t even know there was such a thing as match 22lr ammo. Vortex Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm 30mm Tube Second Focal Plane Rifle Scope Coupon Available. CCI Velocitor 22LR 4-GR CPHP Specifications. The Velocitor is one of the hardest hitting. 22lr Federal Punch vs CCI Velocitor, Ballistic Gel Test! Another contender steps up to battle the Punch. The accurate 22 LR load feeds reliably and minimizes fouling thanks to clean-burning powder, and it feeds reliably thanks to CCI priming and brass. Neither round expanded but the Velocitor flattened out a bit with a wad cutter looking profile (same as in the Brass Fetcher video on 22LR). 22 LR ammo is the Mini-Mag, but I seriously doubt that it would make any difference if you pack Mini-Mags, Stingers, or Velocitors. Mini Mag, better yet Mini Mag HP. II 22LR and Hyper Velocity Ammo. Also how is the considerably more expensive Target/match ammo different than the CCI SV or Mini Mags to justify the increase in price?. 22 LR Velocitor 40gr CPHP 50RD BOX. CCI Blazer Brass 9mm Luger Ammo 124gr FMJ 1,000 Rounds. Last up for review was the 22LR CCI Velocitor Ammunition which is again part of the small game line up. CCI Mini Mag Target 22lr 40gr Round Nose. In rifles, I noticed a difference in WW PPs vs CCI Mini-Mag HPs. The AR Tactical are not as good but slightly better then the mini mags, so like the AR Tactical better. People fundamentally want things to work on a clear scale from 0-100. 40 grain gilded hollow point nose at 1435 ft/sec. Fantasy | NRA Family · Troubled Times . Find the ammunition you need at prices you can afford with 50-round target packs. This is a viewer funded channel. I think the increased accuracy is very beneficial because of the small size of the animals I'm shooting. It's a fine round that feeds reliably, doesn't produce an overt number of duds and, above all else, is consistent. Any combination of the above might cause a ctg. The round’s very low recoil is a bonus. You must be 18 or older to purchase Rifle or Shotgun Ammunition and 21 or older to purchase Handgun Ammunition. 22 LR 1435FPS CP HP 22LR 1 0 $64. One of the great features of this ammunition is the clean-burning powder. It’s a favorite in the gopher squad for its availability and good overall results. 22 LR 40-Grain High Velocity Rifle Ammunition - 100 Rounds. The Velocitor is a popular choice, but does it have what it takes to take down the penetration champ? Testing with the Ruger 10/22 Charger! Join this channel to become a member of The Range Gang: youtube. As a follow up to last week's CCI Velocitor test from a 2. CCI's Stinger and Velocitor rounds are designed with velocity in mind. 22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than regular. 17HMR · CCI Maxi Mag 22 WMR · CCI SUBSONIC 22LR · CCI Mini Mag HP 22LR Mod. 22 LR – Remington 22 Thunderbolt 40gr LRN. The biggest increase in performance was from the newer hyper velocity 22 magnum ammo like the CCI TNT's, or CCI Maxi-mag +V's. I noticed my groups opened up a lot at 75 yards when shooting CCI Mini-Mag HV compared to the Lapua Master L. That's how many things in the world work, and it's appealing. Not counting the current crazinesswhy is CCI sv more expensive than the Mini Mags? The Minis seem cleaner to me and are a bit more powerful but the SVs are prices about 50 cents or more per box. CCI Stingers - 32 grain JHP @ 1640 fps - (2 magazines of 10 each) Mag 1: 100% cycled, and slide locked back after 10th round! Mag 2: 100% cycled, and slide locked back after 10th round! CCI Mini-Mags - 36 grain JHP @ 1260 fps - ( 2 magazines @ 10 each) Mag 1: 100% cycled, and slide. The two rounds I was thinking of are the Mini-Mag and Velocitor. They want "22" to mean it's only a little bit deadly. Min mags are generally more reliable in picky semi autos but you generally loose accuracy but unless you are shooting groups at 100+ yards you won't see any …. CCI Mini Mags vs CCI std velocity. I have a preference for the Mini-Mag, Stinger, Standardand on special …. CCI 22LR Velocitor 40gr GDHP/50 Mfg# 47. I bought a M&P 22 Compact and began the quest for the best SD round. CCI Mini Mag Lead Fouling : r/22lr. CCI: Trusted for over 70 years, CCI offers top-quality rimfire ammunition. 4 foot-pounds of kinetic energy. HYPER Velocity (like CCI Stinger) is usually a 30-32 grain bullet with a velocity of ~1400-1700+ feet per second. CCI Mini-Mag, Stinger and Velocitor, Eley Subsonic Hollow, Winchester Varmint HE and DynaPoint produced only “acceptable” groups. Match quality performance at a value price. 100 CCI mini mag target 40 grains 50 CCI standard velocity 40 grains 150 federal punch 29 grain 50 CCI quiet semi auto 45 grain 835 FPS 50 norma match 22 40 grain And about 75 rounds of bulk ammo All total I had 8 “malfunctions” 5 with the punch but I think that had to do with how I loaded. That is why you should try at least one box of 50 before stocking up. 38 Special 100 Grain Shotshell Centerfire Pistol Ammunition, 10 $29. They want guns to be like cars - a range from a 13 second zero-60 minivan to a 3. 22 LR for both accuracy hunting & self-defense – CCI Velocitor 40gr Copper-Plated Hollow Point. Cci standard is my choice when I'm not shooting match ammo. Testing The New CCI Varmint & Target Ammunition. Mine just loves the cci hi vel stuff. Its low power means it gets by with a very thin brass shell casing, a contributing factor to its nice price tag. CCI Stinger 32-grain CPHP: This is one of the fastest-available,. lf the saying "Liar, Liar your pants on. 22 Magnum Rimfire cartridge as well as added new rimfire products – including the Mini-Mag™ (CCI Mini-Mag™ bulk purchases are some of the most popular in the current market), Silhouette, Segmented Hollow Point, and Velocitor™ (the fastest 40-grain. Velocitor: 40gr HP Muzzle Velocity: 1435 fps Velocity Rating: Hyper Velocity Muzzle Energy: 183 ft. Here are the test results we have posted on Lucky Gunner Labs. This is one of the fastest and hardest-hitting 40-grain loads available for the. Pour revenir à la première partie, cliquez ici. I recently picked up an Sig P322 in 22LR. We had a direct comparison in price with the 22 LR Mini-Mag Segmented. 22LR Ammunition 100 Rounds Plated Hollow Point 36 Grain. CCI Mini Mag may be the cheapest higher velocity CCI round. 22 LR Segmented Hollow Point ammo contains 100 …. mini magis there a difference in real world. gelatin part II: Standard and high. Still, the 22 LR’s muzzle velocity is nothing to scoff at. The 22 LR is one of the smallest rifle and pistol cartridges on the market. Reddit">Best 22lr ammo for converted AR. zepeto card island og 12 china app apk download free lua script obfuscator ps4 fpkg twrp sm t380 open view channels tv guide maf grams per second calculator. Is the CCI Velocitor 22LR Ammo Worth a Hoot?. For small game and varmint hunting. Stingers killed jack rabbits better than the Mini Mag Hp . Including CCI Stinger, CCI Velocitor, CCI Mini-Mag, Aguila Interceptor, Aguila SuperMax. The Rimfire Report: CCI Velocitor As A 22LR Self-Defense Cartridge? The Rimfire Report: Review of Federal Punch 22LR Personal Defense Ammunition; The Rimfire Report: The Ultra Hot CCI Stinger In Ballistic Gelatin CCI Stinger 32-Grain CPHP Product Specifications. CCI Mini-Mag 36-grain, CPHP: The Mini-Mag is a very conventional, high-quality, standard-weight, hollowpoint bullet. After impacting a velocity of 1,306 f/s, the bullet cleared the entire 12-3/4 inches of gelatin after tearing a 1-5/8 inch cavity. This calculator will produce a ballistic trajectory chart that shows the bullet drop, bullet energy, windage, and velocity. The Stingers are Hyper-Velocity rounds with a specification of 1640 fps (@ the muzzle) compared to 1235 fps for the Mini-Mags. This loading exhibited a low standard deviation at 1084 to 1095 fps. Federal Cartridge 22 Win Mag 40 Grain FMJ/50 Mfg# 737. Pocket Pistol Caliber Ballistic Gel Tests. So, my numbers are consistently a little higher than theirs, but not overwhelmingly so. 24 per round) Take a look at our huge collection of CCI. Best Rated + Free Shipping over $49. To meet your reloading, varmint hunting, and plinking needs with high-performance products, Omaha Outdoors stocks a wide selection for you to buy. In early, unmodified models of the Walther P22, this was reported to be one of the only loads that fed reliably, however, the newer, P22Q pistols are greatly improved, especially if you smooth and polish the feed ramp. 1" Taurus TX22 and the 40 gr CCI Maxi-Mag. Whats the difference between CCI Mini mags and Standard Velocity? Are mini mags higher velocity? Also, I thought mini mags were jacketed but . 22 rifle or pistol in the back of an aircraft, or in a backpack. The CCI Mini Mag is available in two different bullet choices: a 36-grain hollow-point and a 40-grain round-nosed solid. 965, not quite supersonic) from the LCP II pistol, which equates to 84. You can see a slight bullet variation and the Mini-Mag is copper plated and appears to have a slight taper at the end. 6 6909 · #2 · Feb 25, 2004 Same results here as well. velocitor is designed to hold together better than stingers. Some like Tac-22 and some hate it due to messy wax coating or just because their firearms do not cycle well with it. Ballistic gelatin shooting test of high velocity 22 LR rounds: 40 grain CCi Mini Mags vs Velocitor from the 2. This is a battle of the brothers, who is the bette. Due to the size of the groups this ammunition receives a Good Rating. As for accuracy, CCI SV is more accurate and costs less. There's some owner's reporting excessive leading and chunking as little as a couple of magazines. Since then CCI ammunition has been the leader in rimfire ammo including the famous. The 36 grain mini mag, 37 grain Winchester HP and 40 grain Power Point are simply much more widely available locally at Walmart. Whats the difference between CCI Mini mags and standard velo. 22 rimfire for Self Defense?. CCI Blazer VS CCI Mini Mag. I think I read or watched every review of 22 ammo suitable for self defense. – Logan Paul arrive sur le ring et rappelle qu’il a gagné son match de boxe il y a 6 jours. 22 LR High Velocity Copper Plated Solid Point 0030: GunBroker is the largest seller of Rifle Ammunition Ammunition All: 1014326537. 22 LR Segmented Hollow Point ammo contains 100 rounds, and the suggested retail price. 22 LR 40-grain CCI Velocitor (5-inch barrel) · First Look: CCI Maxi Armed Self-Defense: Reality vs. com There are 32 items that match your criteria. 375 inch ragged out hole at 50 yards on a bench rest. From the aspect of accuracy alone, the CZ’s 24-inch barrel proved the winner. CCI Velocitor rounds have 22 percent greater energy at 100 yards than regular high-speed hollow points, and their special cavity design, derived from Speer Gold Dot technology, retains virtually 100 percent bullet weight. velocitors are 40 grain stingers are 32 grain. Designed to deliver reliable accuracy, consistent velocities, and exceptional performance without breaking the bank, this rimfire tar. However, CCI Velocitor does very well out of a 10/22 carbine expanding larger and also penetrating deeper than any of the Punch rounds did through the same medium. gelatin part II: Standard and high velocity. It comes with an extra-long (1/10th of an inch longer. 00 35m + 574487354 250 Rounds CCI Velocitor. 09 / round) Notify Me When Available CCI 22LR 40 gr Copper Plated HP Velocitor 50/Box. 18 comments Add a Comment the_blue_wizard • 2 yr. This week I compared three different CCI cartridges, Mini-Mag 36gr HP, Mini-Mag 40gr CPRN, and Standard Velocity 40gr LRN. None of them appreciabally expanded. Hyper Velocity 22 Long Rifle ammunition, the 22 Magnum, and 17 HMR pushed rimfire ammunition to supersonic speeds. stingers mv 1640 me 191 ft-lbs. The CCI Velocitor’s spread was 86 feet per second with the Bond. Use this ballistic calculator in order to calculate the flight path of a bullet given the shooting parameters that meet your conditions. 1 deputy · #3 · Mar 29, 2017 as a general rule for me i have a preference for CCI. From my personal experience, I have to agree with @gasmitty that CCI/Speer rimfire ammo seems to be the most reliable of the common off-the-shelf stuff. 22lr Test Cci Mini Mags Vs Standard Moondog Industries We rounded up the best 22 LR rifles for hunting, shooting, and plinking. PPs being more lethal downrange. by moondog on September 30, 2020 with No Comments. Item TitleClick Headers to Sort Quantity Bids Price Time Left 574459834 CCI VELOCITOR 22 LR Ammo 22lr copper hollow point 1 0 $370. velocitor mv is listed at 1435fps me183 ft-lbs. The CCI Velocitor or the Aguila Interceptor could be the cartridge which made the most sense to stash with a. At 100 yards, velocity measures 992 fps, which retains 87 foot-pounds of energy. 45 ACP ammo today and find the ammo you need at prices you can afford. mini magis there a difference in real. Winchester Hyper Speed: 22 LR Hypervelocity. In this 22 rifle ammo review, I go over why I switched from Bulk box Remington Thunderbolts 22 lr ammo to CCI Mini Mags. The test guns were a Smith & Wesson 43 C snub nose revolver with a 1. CCI SV along with Norma Tac-22 are likely the least expensive reliable subsonic ammos available. I figured use CCI mini mags, because thats what I picked up from CCI Maxi-Mag +V. The Mini-Mags boast a speed of 1235 fps yet the Blazers have no markings. CCI MINI MAG 22LR 40gr Segmented HP 100rd box $ 8. Testing the 36 gr CCI Mini-Mag. Your price after 5% discount when using your Academy Credit Card. 9 Star Rating on 8 Reviews for this ammo. CCI Mini Mag vs Remington Thunderbolts 22 LR Ammo">TRUTH about CCI Mini Mag vs Remington Thunderbolts 22 LR Ammo. Pest control shotshells also offered are in rimfire and centerfire pistol. CCI Introduces their MiniMag MeatEater line of Rimfire. The stinger is almost like have a different caliber compared to standard. The CCI mini-mag is basically the gold-standard of. Mais s'il veut un vrai adversaire, il pourrait avoir un nouveau match à la WWE. 20 cents per round) Product Link: https://www. Munitions, Cartouches et Balles, C’est le choix idéal de tous chasseurs à Carabine qui utilisent une arme pour la chasse au Québec, Ontario, ect Londero Sports le plus vaste choix d’accessoires armes à feu au Québec. 9K subscribers 45K views 11 years ago This is a test demonstrating the velocity/barrel length difference. 22 Long Rifle, Number of Rounds: 50, Bullet Type: Hollow Point (HP), Bullet Weight: 40 grain, Cartridge Case Material: Brass, Muzzle Velocity: 1435 ft/s, Ammunition Application: Small Game, Package Type: Case, Included Accessories: 1 box/50 rounds, Primer Location: Rimfire. 22 Mag mini revolver as a self-defense carry? Depends on what you mean by . gelatin part II: Standard and high ">The venerable. It is the perfect load for shooters and hunters looking for a great round for a day at the range or an afternoon chasing small game and varmints. I've never been in a bullet manufacturing plant. Let’s look at the snub nose performance, first. by Rodrigue Tousignant - octobre 20, 2023. The Velocitor is even better but the problem is that I haven't seen a lot of them for sale locally at reasonable prices and I don't need them. Fired form a Kimber Rimfire Target Conversion Kit. Testing out the ever popular (and powerful) CCI Stingers against their younger brother the CCI Velocitor. Personally, I like Mini-mags for squirrels. Caliber: 22LR; Grain Weight: 32-grains; Muzzle Velocity: 1,640 (Presumably a 20. Their American-ammo equivalents would be the CCI Mini-Mag and Velocitor. This projectile combined with CCI’s MiniMag and MaxiMag loadings. 22 LR Mini-Mag and Stinger product lines. Shoot flatter and hit distant small game harder with CCI® Velocitor® HP loads. - Logan Paul arrive sur le ring et rappelle qu'il a gagné son match de boxe il y a 6 jours. Velocitor is 40 gr hollow point at 1435 fps. 22 LR ammo delivers a 40-grain bullet at a velocity of 1,235 fps. 22 ammunition comes with brightly polished cases, copper-plated lead bullets with a. Search titles only By: Search Advanced search…. But, the hyper vel stuff like Stingers and Aguila super hyper (1750fps) can damage the recoil buffer. 22LR Ammo rimfire Velocitor | Cheap CCI. They are both 40gr round nose bullets. The CCI Velocitor ran a very close second to the Remington Viper in terms of both penetration and cavitation in the gel block. 22 LR 36gr Varmint Bullets offer peak velocity, and a proven, accurate copper-plated hollow point design. They are both made by the same company. Off the top of my head I'm thinking that revolver with Stingers gave me a velocity of around 1250. About Press Copyright Contact us Creators Advertise Developers Terms Privacy Policy & Safety How YouTube works Test new features NFL Sunday Ticket Press Copyright. The Mini-Mag was our original offering, and it's still one of our most popular. Original CCI offeringReliable feedingClean-burning powder won't foul barrelsA current, valid Firearms license with permission to purchase the caliber & quantity you wish. CPHP Velocitor: Aguila CCI 40 gr. The buffers are available, last time I looked, at MidwayUSA for about $9. Your wallet will definitely know the difference. for defense — the little round that could?">Gel Test: 22 LR for defense — the little round that could?. Minimags first, Win PP second and Velocitors last. CCI 22LR 36 gr Copper Plated HP Mini-Mag Varmint 100/Box $12. I used a few different types of amm. The mini mags in all the above weapons open up about a 1/4" to 1/2" worse. However, in the test rifle I used the Aguila loads were more accurate than either domestic offering. I wondered if this result was because. | Buy bullets online | Visit our . Sub-Sonic = below 1000 feet per second (low velocity, …. CCI Velocitor and CCI Stinger?. I tested 5-rounds of each ammo at 6″ targets 50yrds. Copper-22 features a unique mix of copper particles and polymer compressed into a 21-grain hollow point bullet. 22lr Ammo, 100/box - 36CC CCI. CCI’s 0030 features a high-quality 40-grain copper-plated round nose bullet that is perfect for small game. 16 ) 500 Round Brick - CCI 22 Magnum Maxi-Mag 40 Grain Total Metal Jacket Ammo - 0023. Stingers are generally less accurate than Mini-Mags and Thunderbolt, but with their faster lighter bullet are more destructive on impact with small game. CCI 22 Rimfire – Range Review. The other day I tested some newly arrived CCI Mini-Mag ammunition, along with some SK Rifle Match from three of my. CCI Velocitor is mainly marketed as a varmint hunting cartridge that sports an average muzzle velocity that is about 200-fps more than your average high-velocity cartridge. 38 Special live shooting; Well I like both this and the movie! Guns at Batasi (1964). as it leaves the case and enters the bore, slightly different pressures due to. 125; Usage: Small Game; Price Per Box of 50: $9. This is a test demonstrating the velocity/barrel length difference. This CCI ammo is the most accurate ammo I have ever shot in the rifle. Performed my own ballistics testing including Stinger and Velcitor with a Ruger LCR. Mauserhooked said: Any standard or high velocity ammo will be ok. 4-inch barrel, here is a look at the difference twice as much barrel length can make.