Brand New Weed Eater Won't Start Brand New Weed Eater Won't StartThe most common causes for a weed eater to smoke is the wrong mixture of oil and gas, a dirty muffler, a dirty carburetor, leaking gas or oil, or poor combustion. If you are using the wrong fuel mix for your weed eater, it could cause the line to not feed properly. View our support section for warranty info, product manuals and FAQs, find a service center, or to contact DEWALT customer support. Like most weed whackers that employ. 07 - Ryobi String Trimmer Recoil Starter Pulley. Over time, the spark arrestor can become clogged with soot. A Craftsman 25cc weed eater may struggle to stay running due to debris buildup on the air filter, often resulting from old fuel. The carburetor is what helps the fuel and air work together to ultimately start up the combustion engine. For any gasoline engine, you will find a carburetor. I explain more about the carb issues that plague these trimmers. Pull out the choke and start the engine. 4 possible causes and potential solutions. Me thinking it's the normal carburetor problem, I scooped it for $50. The carburetor is a part of the engine that mixes fuel and air together to make a combustion. What to Do When Your Child Is More Than Just a ‘Picky’ Eater. Check the primer bulb for cracks. Little kids are picky eaters—that’s both common and normal. If no gas flows out, service the fuel system. Why Is my MANSCAPED™ Trimmer Charging Light Blinking?. A string trimmer will not start when the air filter is plugged, the spark plug is bad, the carburetor is dirty, old fuel gummed up the fuel system, an incorrect fuel mix is used, the wrong oil is used, the recoil starter is bad, or the. A gas trimmer that won’t start could have a fuel-related problem. With the new air filter in place, try to start up and throttle your weed eater once again. Remove the air filter and spray carburetor cleaner into the intake. And that makes it worse because the more you keep trying, the more flooding occurs. Shut down engine and try to restart it. Turn off the engine and remove the gas cap. Ryobi weed eater won't start 2022(How to fix). The primer is a small plastic bulb with an attached line that feeds the string trimmer fuel. Although lawn mower small engines are simple, the carburetors are quite precise bits of kit. to/3bnXjmAThis almost brand new mower wouldn. If the engine still doesn't start, you should address other possible problems …. This will work if you can start your weed eater, but it will shut off. It would help if you untightened the cap. In this video I Kendall Todd show you how to start a weedeater the easy way. Customer Stories Repair Parts. Customer Stories Repair Parts Brands DIY Repair. Troubleshoot a Craftsman Mower Starting Problem: Fuel, Air, and Spark. In this video, a weed-trimmer is taken apart and a recoil spring device is fixed. Trimmer Won’t Start (Solved!)">12 Reasons Your ECHO String Trimmer Won’t Start (Solved!). Generally red, these trimmers are used to remove weeds from your lawn and have a two-cycle …. It’s an open secret that the head of Ryobi’s 40v string trimmer tends to be insanely difficult to remove. 01 - Husqvarna String Trimmer Spark Plug. In this video, an ECHO SRM-225 Weed Eater / Trimmer is shown how to be started. Mower Won’t Start No Spark (This Is Why). Weed Eater Won't Start! How to FIX Weedeater that bogs down!. Greenworks Weed Eater Won't Start (SOLVED). A STIHL string trimmer won’t start due to a wrong choke setting, plugged air filter, plugged fuel filter, clogged fuel line, dirty carburetor, plugged fuel tank vent, plugged spark arrestor, bad spark plug. Put on the choke, prime three times, waiting 4 seconds between each prime. Before when it started it would run just fine. If the engine doesn't start, set the choke to the halfway position and try a maximum of six more times. They’re designed to mix the air and gas to a ratio of 14. Walk-behind, self-propelled, & tow-behind models available. Here’s how to use vinegar as an effective weed killer. Using a string trimmer is an effective way to cut grass without a lawn mower. Make sure to regularly check the state of your fuel filter and, when necessary, change it for a new one. Solution: You have to clear all material from underneath the battery-operated weed eater to solve the issue. Improper operation, including overuse of the choke, can also be responsible. This ratio offers optimum performance. CS30 CS720R RY253SS RY253SS RY26520 RY26520. #4 Turn on choke if there's a manual choke fitted. Be prepared for oil to come out of the engine through the spark plug hole. A weed eater engine is a delicate piece of equipment that requires a good and constant air flow to keep operating. “Putt-putt” on first pull, adjust the choke, runs like a top. You may have simply flooded the engine. Likewise, you can pour a small amount of fuel directly into the plug hole, screw plug in, and try to start. The Wrong Mixture In The Gas/Oil Ratio. Weed Eater Bogs Down (Why + What to Do). The most common reason for replacing the ignition. Here are the most common reasons your Tecumseh small engine won't start - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. Stihl Weed Eater Pull Rope Replacement!. Starting / Stopping the Engine 22 Operating Instructions 24 Cleaning the Air Filter 24 Engine Management 25 Adjusting the Carburetor 25 Spark Plug 27 Rewind Starter 28 Storing the Machine 28 Replacing Nylon Line 28 Inspections and Maintenance by Dealer 31 Maintenance and Care 32 Main Parts 34. In "The Lawn Mower Detectives" Taryl shows you some things to look for when your Stihl trimmer / weed whacker won't start but before that, the Lawn Mower Det. no issues running just the grass attachment. First, make sure there's fresh gas in the tank-old gas accumulates water and burns poorly. If the rewind spring is broken, replace it. The best fix is to drain off the old fuel from the gas tank and replacing the filter. There is a high chance that these might be loose, which can cause problems like these. Yall i replaced the carb and checked the spark-it shocked me. Carbon collects on the plug electrodes because of incomplete combustion. How to Test a Coil on a String Trimmer. For an electric unit, make sure it's properly plugged in to a working outlet. If the spark plug in your weed eater is dirty, …. 12 Reasons Why Your Weed Eater Won’t Start. BEST TRIMMER LINE: Oregon Platinum Gatorline 0. What can I do? Always read your product . The Pull rope make a ratchity sound when pulled but not turn over and when using a new … read more. A Craftsman weed eater uses a rubber hose to suction fuel up from the gas tank to the carburettor. Check your circuit breakers or fuses if the bulb doesn't light. A weed eater that is overheating or smoking can be a sign of a serious problem. It was very loose (about 1/16" air gap). A Craftsman trimmer won’t start due to a plugged air filter, bad spark plug, dirty carburetor, bad starter recoil, plugged fuel filter, plugged spark arrestor, wrong fuel, wrong oil, old gas, or a flooded engine. Pull off the small vent that is attached to the fuel line coming out of the gas tank. See Step 3 if the engine still won’t start. Mix gas with a fuel stabilizer and add the mixture to the fuel tank. This will give you more leverage as you try to start the weed whacker. Weed Eater Won't Start! How to FIX Weedeater that bogs down! KAI PROJECTS. Once the engine runs, wait until it cuts out or for about ten seconds, whichever comes first. Pump the primer and see if fuel is moving from the tank through the system and back into the tank. Fixing Kobalt 80V Trimmer Problems. However, there are a few signs that your young child might be more than m. If it is too clogged or dirty, a gas cap replacement is needed. The engine needs to be warm for a proper adjustment. cleaned spark plug and airfilter. Switch off your weed eater and ensure the gearbox has cooled down before touching it. Wait about 10 minutes before you try again to give the gasoline time to evaporate. Shut the engine down and remove the gas cap. I bought a gas powered craftsman eater put correct premium. How to Diagnose & Fix a 2 Cycle Trimmer that Only Runs on Choke. Once you have it out of the tank, you can carefully pull the fuel line from the filter. Air can't flow through this engine. A flooded engine will cause starting issues. Check to se if the fuel filter has fallen off the fuel line into the tank. Find replacement hedge trimmer parts:https://www. last weekend, but difficult to start. weed eater that wont start: Most common ">How to fix a Ryobi weed eater that wont start: Most common. Find replacement string trimmer parts:https://www. A quite horizontal position line shows the measurement—the choke lever located beside the fuel tank. Husqvarna Weed Eater Won't Start (SOLVED). Many replaced the DeWalt bumper trim head with a Husqvarna T35, with success. Quick tips on how to start the gas-powered STIHL FS 38 trimmer. Check the fuel tank and ensure it is adequately filled with the right mixture of petrol and two-stroke oil, as specified in the manufacturer’s guidelines. Shop by Popular Ryobi Edger Models. Why your Stihl trimmer wont run What to look forPart 1. It’s a fast grower, robust, and beginner-friendly, flowering in 8–10 weeks. Dicamba is not often used to treat weeds alone, and is usually mixed with another chemi. Amazon Affiliate linkBuy my book "How to Warp Jump"https://amzn. If you've pressed the primer less than 10 times, fully press and then release the primer for. Remove and replace the fuel line and fuel filter. Reset the breaker or replace the fuse and try the tool again. Ryobi S430 Weed Eater pull cord will not come out, it is somehow locked. We will also replace a leaking primer bulb, and clean the. If your engine isn’t idling fast enough so your Troy Bilt won’t start. Dont mind all the kids yelling in the background, its my daddy d. Links to products I have in my tool bag. Try using ethanol-free premix fuel to ensure that your device has a clean and appropriate fuel source. RedMax trimmers are a PITA to start especially if you are new to the brand. Replace the spark plug wire on the top of the spark plug. To test your string trimmer's ignition coil, connect the tester between the spark plug boot and the engine. RYOBI Trimmer PULL CORD STUCK, Hard to Pull Start. I replaced the battery pack with a brand new fully charged pack and it still won't start. Drain contaminated fuel from your tank and replace it with clean fuel. So, you need to place a resistor in parallel with the battery. If you have fuel in the tank, …. A long connecting shaft with a handle. Your primer bulb may be filled with fuel, but your troy bilt weed eater won’t start. This will give you access to the carburetor. Ryobi 2 Cycle Trimmer Won’t Start: Common Problems and. So, whether you are working on an XT1, XT2, SLT1550, Ultima XT. New 4 cycle trimmer used two times and stopped running. A Husqvarna weed eater operates on the same principles as any other internal combustion. Step 4: Remove the Spool from the Cap. An engine gets flooded if the fuel is too rich. How do you charge dead pole saw batter? Recharing Dead Kobalt 40-Volt 2. The primer bulb is almost brand new. to fix the problem take the exhost outlet off of the muffler and use a pair of plyers to pull the screen off then replace the. Vinegar is a natural, cost-effective way to get rid of weeds in your garden or lawn. For this reason, it’s suggested that you charge the battery to. Bought it at a garage sale for $10 plus new gaskets $5 and it took less than 1 hr to get back up running. Brand new 27cc craftsman won’t start. In most cases, the battery isn’t properly secured to the plugs or has a charging issue. I tried to start it, and it won't start. Fill the tank, and try to start the trimmer. It started like always on the first or second pull and ran just fine. Clogged Air Filter In A Weed Eater; 2. Lay the trimmer on a level surface with the head hanging over the surface's edge. 1-800-269-2609 At Repair Clinic, we're proud to be an international brand trusted by the pros as well as the DIY community. If you want a better way to wind your weed trimmer line this is it. 0:00 / 8:50 Intro Weed Eater Won't Start! How to FIX Weedeater that bogs down! KAI PROJECTS 6. BEST FOR LARGE YARDS: Weed Warrior 17067. All HART 40V power tools use the same rechargeable 40V lithium-ion battery, so you’ll enjoy fade-free power from first cut to. All of the Lowe's around me have stopped selling the. When you pull the starter rope, tabs extending from the pulley and cam. Why Is The Black and Decker Trimmer's Auto. Here are the most common reasons your Stihl string trimmer won't start - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. It kills many types of weeds such as dandelions, clover, chickweed. Relative borrowed when it ran normally. Then turn off the choke and allow the engine to continue running. Nothin' Pull a couple more times. Carburetor Adjustment Tool Kit …. Guess I'll crack the gas cap and then start throwing money at it . BEST OVERALL: Green Gobbler 20% Vinegar Weed Killer. Outdoor Gasoline and Electric Powered Equipment and Small Engines - Homelite weed eater won't start - I have a 25cc Homelite Weed Eater that was never the easiest to start, and just recently decided it won't start. Your weed eater isn't starting because of a bad spark plug, or your air filter has become blocked. If the threads on the drive shaft are stripped, the trimmer head will not stay on the shaft. Here are the most common reasons your Echo string trimmer won't start - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. If the engine is still running, that means the gas cap may be the culprit. A Greenworks mower will also not start when it has loose or pinched. One of the most obvious reasons for your petrol strimmer’s refusal to start is the absence of fuel. Since this happened I have never gotten it to start again so first off let me give the details. I let this Troy Bilt TB90BC 2-Cycle String Trimmer sit for probably 6 months in my garage. This may be due to old gasoline; a dirty carburetor; a clogged fuel line. I had this exact same thing happen to me where the power button failed. Check the plug where the Ryobi 2-Cycle Trimmer is attached to if there are any damages. Usually, a minute or two of cleaning should be enough. I stumbled across a listing titled "brand new weed eater wont start". Turn the screw counterclockwise till the engine is idling at its fastest. My Milwaukee Quik Lok trimmer kept disengaging so I decided to take a look at it. *Replaced the fuel line system. THERE IS NOT A FIX for this issue with this trimmer, i wish there was but t. Husqvarna 223l weed eater will not start. This condition happened while I was using it;. Hi I have an Echo 225 weed eater it starts and head spins but doesn't have power to cut weeds. Grab the throttle and at the same time, pull the starter cord. Using a lighter, burn one end of the new piece of rope, as this will make threading it easier. Flooded Engine Summing up Why Your Weed Eater Won't Start and How to Fix Them?. The natural habitat for ladybugs is areas of dense vegetation, such as forests, meadows, weed patches and gardens. Less air and more fuel are required to start a cold engine so the choke must be placed in the on/closed position. I can start it, then it dies out. HOW TO FIX A WEEDEATER: https://www. Learn how to diagnose an Echo SRM 225 that won't start possibly due to bad crank seals or leaky exhaust gaskets without special tools. Take the choke off? It has 3 settings, full, half, run. Any idea what the problem is? Just spent $90 on two new batteries because I thought a dead battery was the problem Thanks. If your weed eater won’t stay running, check the Spark Arrestor screen inside the muffler. I was like what the *** I just had it. 11 Reasons Your ECHO String Trimmer Starts Then Dies. Apr 1, 2016 / Murray Weedeater Won't Start. Pull starting a mower on full choke more than 4 or 5 times may cause the engine to flood. A clogged air filter can restrict the …. It won't start and the primer/carburator does not seem to be fueling the engine. Take the fuel filter off the weedeater and run it under water to clean it. Place the weed whacker on the ground, away from obstructions. Once gas breaks down, varnish, gums and other debris can form inside the carburetor and clog the tiny fuel passages. I oiled the throttle cable and I still could not get this thing to run correctly. Changing the line on a single-line Echo weed eater. I took the following steps: *Emptied the gas tank and put clean fuel in. Here are the most common reasons your Craftsman string trimmer won't start - and the parts & instructions to fix the problem yourself. what is wrong do i need a new weed eater. John Lolli Discussion starter · May 6, 2009 (Edited) I have a Ryobi string trimmer in the shop that just wont start. Set the trimmer aside for 10 to 15 minutes to allow the fuel to vaporize, and then simultaneously squeeze the throttle trigger and pull the starter rope handle repeatedly until the engine starts and runs. The heat created in the process is typically fanned away into the atmosphere. The engine burns gasoline to provide the required power for trimming grass. The only solution is to replace that part of the engine. The quick start guide that currently comes with the Ec. To determine if the spark plug is defective, use a spark plug tester. Wrap the spool, so the line is wrapped next to itself, not over itself. Click on Shop Parts, or select the kind of product you're working with on the left. Make sure the trimmer has enough air by removing and cleaning or replacing the air filter and then removing and cleaning the spark arrestor, which is a small screen placed behind the muffler to prevent sparks from exiting the machine. 40v trimmer edger LST140 will not start. Press the “PRIME BULB” about seven to ten times to prime the engine. Usually, all you will need to do is: Ensure that the on/off switch is on the “on” position Position the choke “off”. The engine needs gas, compression and spark in order to start. Gasoline-powered weed trimmers typically work off a two-cycle engine, and need clean fuel, air, and a spark to start – The fuel and the spark start the ignition . by John Baker April 7, 2022 No matter what you call it - weed eater, weed whacker, string trimmer - chances are at some point it won't start. Overusing the choke at start-up can flood the engine. Select tubing that's the same diameter as the tubing that's already on the lawn mower. Kobalt 80V Trimmer Won’t Start. UPDATE- This is a response to your comments after 1/3 million views. Follow along so you can diagnose your own trimmer problems, even on other brands like Hus. Release the power button and reinsert the battery into the charger or. A shop rag placed over the hole will help to shield you from any oil spray. Cut off the extra rope with a knife. To clean your spark plug, you should remove it and clean the area around it before replacing it. You can either buy any name-brand pre-mixed fuel or mix your own fuel. This is the major problem that could cause a weed eater to malfunction. Full tank, 50:1 gas/oil mix using Stihl oil. As you read this manual, you will find informati on preceded by a symbol. Clean or replace the carburetor. Continue pulling until the engine sounds like it wants to run (usually 2 to 5 pulls). This can be caused by the carburetor being clogged with a mixture of fuel and oil that creates a slippery paste. Craftsman Weed Eater Won't Stay Running (Common Causes. Adjust the screw using only ¼ turns before trying to start the trimmer again. Consult a professional if you don’t have the skills, or knowledge or are not in the condition to perform the repair safely. WELCOME !In this video you will know about why craftsman weed eater won’t stay running?This video will guide you with proper causes and solutions. This weed killer from Green Gobbler has more than 9,700 reviews on Amazon with a 4. With the ethanol fuels now they are real bad on carbs. Remove the spark plug with a spark plug wrench*. Without it, your machine would not run. WILD BADGER POWER 26cc Weed Wacker Gas Powered, 3 in 1 String Trimmer/Edger 17'' with 10'' Brush Cutter,Rubber Handle & Shoulder Strap Included Husqvarna 330LK Gas String Trimmer, 28-cc 2-Cycle, 20-Inch Straight Shaft Gas Weed Eater with Rapid Replace Trimmer Head for Seamless String Reloading (Attachment Capable). Remove the cap that covers your line on the trimmer. Rusted / Malfunctioning Carburetor. Weeds can be a nuisance in any garden or lawn, but using bleach to kill them can be an effective and inexpensive way to get rid of them. A plugged air filter, bad fuel, water in the fuel tank, a bad spark plug, and a faulty ignition coil can cause the mower to stop running. Premix unleaded gasoline with high-quality 2-stroke engine oil into an approved fuel container. Why does my weed wacker only run on choke?. Since the engine turns off shortly after starting your weed eater, the idle speed may just be too slow. Using your insulated pliers, hold the plug threads firmly against the metal of the engine. Rusted / Malfunctioning Carburetor 7. Now turn it counterclockwise till the …. There should be a main block, and end-plate and some flexible membranes that come out. That’s because every mechanical piece of equipment is going to experience failure with time due to wearing and damage caused by normal usage or lack of maintenance. Then we will take the necessary steps to rep. Either get a new carb or clean out yours. To fix this problem, simply remove the air filter and take a 30-minute coffee break. Weed eater hard to start after hot. Fuel Vapors Clogged Air and Fuel Filters Worn Spark Plugs Fuel Cap Problems How to Fix a Weed Eater That Won't Start Due to Heat Causes of Heat-Related Problems With Weed Eaters Here are a few of the most common causes to keep an eye out for while using your weed eater. 2 possible causes and potential solutions. Weed Eater Won’t Start: Why And How To Fix. When the air filter in a weed eater is clogged, it can either be cleaned or simply replaced depending on the type of filter being used. Remove the starter assembly and inspect it to determine if it is working properly. Pull the starter cord until the engine starts to run. 5 days in order to try to start it that many times. The Hydrology9 NX, is a modular water filtered vaporizer from Cloudious9 …. So, when your stihl weed eater starts but wont stay running, major chances are there’s an air or fuel filter issue. 0-Amps Rechargeable Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Cordless Power Equipment Battery Model # KB. Yet your trusty SRM-225 is still bogging down or worse: It will. Craftsman Lawn Mower Won’t Start (Why + How To Fix). 065” Single Line String Trimmer Replacement Spool. We'll look at the different reasons this could happen and ask the ques. fuel is new and fresh I have a 326LS weed eater that has fire and gas but won't start. Take 10% off your entire order at the Hipa store by using promo code, go2guy ,at checkout. Ryobi String Trimmer Troubleshooting & Repair. How to start a trimmer if it won't START by the pull string. Pull the starter cord quickly about eight times. The first thing to do if your trimmer won't start is to dump out the old fuel unless you are certain that it isn't more than 30 days old. My Husqvarna string trimmer will only run with the choke at…. Hello Rick, My name is XXXXX XXXXX have a toro model#51992 weed eater, I am a Motorsports mechanic with years of 2/stroke exp. SOURCE: Troy Bilt TB 465SS Pony 4 cycle weed trimmer won't start. Craftsman 25cc Gas Trimmer Weedwacker Will not start due to the primer bulb being deflated - Solved here!This video shows the complete repair of a Craftsman. Bolens, 3 or 4 years old, not used. Now that your weed eater is put together, it should fire up. 10 possible causes and potential solutions. Amazon Brand - Denali by SKIL 20V Brushless 13-Inch String Trimmer Kit, Includes 4. Fortunately, Repair Clinic is always awesome, always on call. My troy bilt trimmer won't prime. Use a siphon to drain the gas and oil from the weedeater. Hello Everyone!In this video, you will know why a Stihl weed eater won’t stay running?Many may think the trimmer has run out of gas, which is also one of the. Clogged Air Filter In A Weed Eater 2. Pull the starting cord, if it starts. For a start, make sure that the spark plug is clean and in good condition. * Note: If you have an automatic choke try disabling the choke and holding it all the way open with a zip tie or other device. The battery has died on an electric weed eater. A Troy-Bilt string trimmer won’t start when the engine isn’t getting sufficient air, fuel, and spark. Carefully pry it open and keep everything in order. Most users who end up with this issue are no longer able to start up their string trimmer. The same thing is in the situation when there is a problem with recoil starter or recoil pulley. The problem may be in the recoil starter itself. to/2eSq3HpAnd you may also need this → http://amzn. Additionally, you want to make sure any object that could get caught in the spinning line is kept well away. 06 - String Trimmer Recoil Starter. Top Reasons String Trimmer Not Starting — String Trimmer Troubleshooting. Make sure the check valve (the small hole on the underside of the gas tank) is open and unobstructed. Now filled it with gas, pressed the primer bulb …. Factory-direct sales and FREE SHIPPING!. String trimmers often are hard to pull start because of a broken part within the recoil mechanism or because the engine is misfiring when trying to start. Disconnect the spark plug wire and keep. Keep reading for additional items that cause a starting problem. Best Heavy-Duty: CRAFTSMAN V20 String Trimmer …. I need new spooles and cutting cord for my worx weed eater. I found the fuel lines were bad and the little filter end was just rolling around in the tank. How to fix weedeater that won't start. Homelite weedwacker won't start : smallengines. There are several things you can check. Try cleaning the carburetor first with carb cleaner if this is happening to you. Replace the filter and try starting the trimmer. It is out of the box clean aside from the fresh fuel he put in it. trimmer was stored without gas in for the winter. Gentlemen, Very embarassing - I have yet to succeed to start my brand new S250 chainsaw. 10 yrs old or not, I'd start w/ a new and properly gapped spark plug just to rule it …. According to the Weed Eater manual, you should push the priming bulb six times, set the choke to the "On" position and make no more than six start attempts. hankster Lifetime Premium · #5 · Aug 21, 2005 (Edited) The first thing I would do is with the engine removed is put the flex shaft in the shaft tube. Put the rewind spring and retainer in the starter housing with the spring side facing down. Once the engine is running, slide the choke lever down to the open position. I have spark at the wire end and also the plug is firing. Attempting to start your engine too many times, or turning your trimmer on it’s side, can also resulted in a flooded engine. Documenting how i fixed my homelite gas trimmer. Consequently, it won’t coil onto the pulley correctly. 3- Press primer bulb 4 or 5 times. The gas tank 2) Air Filter Issues. My fairly new (December) Craftsman 31cc weedwhacker won't start. LE720TP LE720r P2006 P2300 P2606 P2606VNM. NOT just Leaf Blowers! Fastest way to fix your unit if it doesn't rev up. Toro makes corded, cordless and gas-powered string trimmers, and starting problems with electric models can usually be traced to a loose electrical . com/In this video I show you why. However, if the fuel is still from last year, it should be replaced with new gasoline. 5 Best Weed Eaters (2023 Guide). If this still does not work, please call Black & Decker Customer Service at 800-544-6986 during eastern business hours. Hold the trigger and pull until the engine engages (it doesn't have to start) Now move the choke back to normal, hold the trigger, and pull till it starts and stays running. Best Lightweight: WORX Cordless String Trimmer & Edger. Smoking and smells like the motor is burning up. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for COOCHEER 58cc Brush Cutter Gas Powered Weed Eater 4-in-1 Weed Wacker Straight Shaft String Trimmer with 2 Detachable Head for Grass,Weed(2023 Upgrade) at Amazon. An ECHO leaf blower will not start when the air filter is plugged, the spark plug is bad, the carburetor is dirty, old fuel gummed up the fuel system, an incorrect fuel mix is used, the recoil starter is bad, or the engine is flooded. After about 20 minutes of use it felt like it started to. This Husqvarna gas-powered weed eater has a 28cc 2-cycle engine for extra power and a useful clear gas tank that easily shows when it’s time for a refill. Bad Recoil Start In A Weed Eater 12. My Ryobi CS26 Won't Start.